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The speed and agility that every marketer needs

by iperceptions, on Feb 9, 2015


Agility is key in today's global marketplace. According to McKinsey, consumer preferences change with stunning velocity, as do the dynamics of markets and product life cycles. This culture of urgency means that marketers are entering a new golden age with an increased need for speed and agility particularly when it comes to understanding their customers. That’s why iperceptions is pleased to announce the launch of the iperceptions Universal Code, which gives you unprecedented power over your research, and empowers you to run multiple projects simultaneously across different segments with advanced triggering, while reducing your reliance on IT resources.

Agility and flexibility with one code

The Universal Code is the only iperceptions script you will ever need to put on your website to control all your existing and future research. Once it is placed on all pages of your site, you have the flexibility to control your research projects via the Active Research SaaS platform including the ability to create triggers for your projects based on a visitor’s browser language, device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop), URL and many other variables.

Run multiple research projects efficiently

In order to become a customer centric organization, it is essential to engage the right visitors at the right time to capture the most reliable and accurate feedback. Using our powerful Universal Code you can now deploy multiple research projects that collect feedback from different visitor segments aligned to different business objectives all via the Active Research platform. This could mean running an Experience Tracking and Optimization study on your site, while in parallel seamlessly running a Purchase Optimization and Conversion study. You can now effortlessly run multiple projects simultaneously spanning the digital customer lifecycle, which can then be leveraged across your organization.

Reach different audiences with multiple behavioral triggers

The iperceptions Universal Code provides the flexibility to target different audiences with survey invitations or comment card feedback buttons through the use of behavioral triggers, empowering you to capture insights across different customer segments. For example, if you want to understand your visitors' experience with your support section, you can set triggers that will only ask visitors for their feedback if they have visited your support pages. The range of behavioral conditions that can be triggered via the Active Research Platform include:

  • Browser language
  • URL
  • URL parameters
  • Cookie information
  • Device
  • Pages viewed
  • Advanced Rules

Thanks to the Universal Code’s advanced triggering, you can now effortlessly target segments using different research studies to better understand the customer experience across the digital customer lifecycle.

Lock the Universal Code to pre-determined URL domains for additional security

At iperceptions, our priority is ensuring your research is as secure possible. That’s why we have added an additional security feature to our Universal Code. You can now lock your script to pre-determined URL domains to ensure your research studies can only appear on domains that you have confirmed. At any time, the list of domains associated to your account can be modified in the iperceptions Active Research platform.

Empowering marketers to collect the voice of their customers

The iperceptions Universal Code provides superior flexibility to effortlessly control and modify your research across multiple projects by centralizing your projects into one script. The Universal Code decreases the amount of time it takes to configure your research, reduces the reliance on IT resources, and provides advanced triggering capabilities to target different segments to optimize your insights. Now marketers have the agility and flexibility to engage with their customers to understand their intent, needs and experiences across digital touch points with ease.


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