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Insights from Marketo: A Guide to Going Mobile

by iperceptions, on May 20, 2015

Mobile is increasingly becoming the channel of choice for consumers. As a result, sub-par mobile experiences are no longer tolerated. This puts the pressure on marketers to create relevant, high quality mobile experiences that go beyond a cut-down desktop experience. Richelle Parham, CMO of eBay, speaking about the importance of the mobile experience said that, “The customer is really in control—we’re just ensuring we have the right experience for the customer no matter where he or she is.” If marketers heed the call the windfalls could be huge with eMarketer forecasting that US retail mcommerce will generate $76.79 billion in sales in 2015, a 32.2 percent increase.

To help marketers better understand the mobile fixation, Marketo released an infographic - Marketer’s Guide to Going Mobile. The infographic explores how consumers are using their mobiles and stresses the importance of creating engaging, timely and cross-channel strategies. Marketo highlights it is now more critical than ever for marketers to deliver compelling and engaging mobile experiences.

With the pressure on to create engaging mobile experiences, marketers need to look to using a mobile survey to better understand their mobile visitors. By collecting feedback from your mobile visitors, you can learn their intent, frustrations and expectations specific to mobile and only then can you create experiences that will drive engagement, sales and loyalty.


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