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The Missing Ingredient You Need To Get More Out Of Your Session Replay

by iperceptions, on Mar 31, 2017

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” could not be any more true when thinking about session replay tools. From session recordings to heatmaps to mouse tracking, session replay tools offer a variety of features that allow you to actually see how your visitors interact with your website, as if you were sitting right next to them.  These tools provide an interesting look into how your different visitors uniquely go about figuring out the best way that they complete what they came on your website to do. 

Being able to see how your visitors are interacting with your website can provide you with a wealth of insights. However, it can be difficult to determine their specific thought process throughout their session just by looking at how they interacted with your website. As such, you are often required to make assumptions about your visitors. This is where pairing session replay with feedback from your digital Voice of the Customer (VoC) data can help you decipher and better understand your visitors’ website sessions. 

In this post, we look at how digital VoC is the missing ingredient to get even more insights out of your session replay tool. 


Get inside your visitors’ minds

When it comes to analyzing your visitors’ sessions, context is crucial to better understand your visitors’ train of thought and determine whether your website does what you want it to. 

  • Did they primarily come to your website to research your different offerings, make a purchase, or just to browse?
  • If they are still in the research phase, were they planning to purchase within the next week, or only a few months from now, if at all?
  • Were they actually able to do what they came to your website to do, and would they consider their session “a success”? If not, why not? 
  • What do they plan to do after their visit? Do they plan to come back to your website to make a purchase, or do it in-store? Do they plan to visit your competitors’ websites, and if so, why?

All these types of questions can provide critical context as you review and analyze your visitors’ sessions and try to better understand their website experience.  However, as much as we don’t want to admit it – we’re not mind readers.  You can sometimes make assumptions about what your visitors are thinking, but ultimately, the only way to confirm what’s on your visitors’ minds is by asking them. This is where VoC can help you fill this gap. 

By pairing your session replay and VoC data sets, you can leverage your own visitor feedback from your VoC research to guide your efforts and more easily pinpoint ways you can improve your visitor experience. 


Precisely zoom in on what’s important

With all the different tools we now have at our disposal, it’s easy to become inundated in a flood of data without a clear way to easily know where to begin. When you access your session replay tool with a goal in mind, anything you can use to narrow down the sessions you need to review can be a valuable time-saver. Combining your session replay and digital VoC data allows you to segment your sessions to target your analysis on specific sets of users based on feedback they provided through your Voice of the Customer survey.  

Let’s look at a general use case. Let’s say you’ve heard a few complaints through the grapevine that your website can be difficult to deal with. As a result, you want to investigate the sessions of those who found their customer experience to be difficult or frustrating.

  1. You can segment your visitor sessions to focus only on visitors who rated the Customer Effort Score question in your VoC survey as being either “Extremely Difficult” or “Somewhat Difficult”.
  2. You can further segment your visitor sessions by focusing on your visitors’ intent based on how they answered the Purpose of Visit question in your survey (e.g. Make a Purchase, Find pricing information, Schedule a Demo).

These segmentations based on your visitors’ feedback can help you hone in specifically on the sessions that are relevant to your current analysis. In turn, this can help you more quickly identify ways to streamline your website as you look to minimize the amount of difficult and negative experiences on your website. 


Reproduce and prioritize issues based on your visitors’ feedback

So many things to do, so little time. There may be many issues that you want to address based on what you found through your session replay tool, but it can sometimes be tricky to determine which items to tackle first.  Typically, you would want to first tackle the ones that have the most impact not only on your customer’s experience, but also your bottom line.

In addition to the ones mentioned earlier, associating visitors’ sessions to key digital VoC metrics and business KPIs like Overall Satisfaction, Task Completion and Net Promoter Score® can all prove useful as you manage your list of priorities.

As well, with the benefit of linking visitors’ feedback to their specific session recordings, you gain the ability to more easily recreate specific items they mentioned in their feedback. Being able to replicate an issue that a specific visitor experienced and vented about in your digital VoC survey can also be useful in determining the size, severity and time-sensitivity of issues. 


The thinking behind the session

Session replay tools are a great way to virtually see a play-by-play of how your visitors interact with your website. Integrating your digital VoC data with your session replay tool can help shed light on the thought process that went behind that session, and their perceptions of their website experience. 

When combined, this integration not only allows you to better utilize your resources by quickly identifying the right sessions to focus on based on your business objectives, but it also helps you better understand what works, what doesn’t and what could be improved about your website to more effectively optimize the website experience, reduce maintenance costs and improve online conversion.

To learn more about how iperceptions can help you get even more out of session replay tools like Clicktale, Decibel Insight and IBM Tealeaf, please fill out this form and an iperceptions representative will reach out to you to schedule a demo.


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