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Adobe Summit Recap Day 2 – The Emotion of Experience

by Duff Anderson, on Mar 23, 2017

Following on from a jam- packed first day, day 2 of the Adobe Summit didn’t disappoint. The morning kicked off with a keynote that included a star-studded lineup, from Penn & Teller to Peyton Manning to Ryan Gosling.

Below are a few of my key takeaways and thoughts from day 2 of the Adobe Summit:


Emotion is the currency of experience

Our MC for day 2 was John Mellor, Adobe’s Vice President of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing. He started the session off by saying that it would be less about product (which was the main focus of day 1), and instead it would be more about inspiration. Continuing the experience theme from day 1, Mellor explored how experiences make us feel and the importance of emotion. He looked at how emotion is the currency of experience and is critical to crafting a great experience.

Mellor then showed us what that looks like in practice with the Emotion Chamber. The Emotion Chamber used bio-feedback to measure how different experiences lead to different emotional responses. The below photo shows the collective responses of 100s of attendees as they passed through the Emotion Chamber during day 1 of the Adobe Summit.




The ultimate digital experience

We then turned our attention to Pam El, CMO of the NBA. El explored the emotion, excitement and sheer drama the NBA has to offer. Something that stood out to me was how out of its 1 billion fans worldwide, less than 1 percent will experience a NBA game in an arena. As a result, technology has played an immense role in allowing their fans to be engaged with the game and their players such as through the NBA app.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that it is the most followed league on social media, and that their core fans consume content on 3 or more different platforms. This means that for the NBA, it is all about data-driven marketing. Essentially, delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time on the right channel.



Experience Ambassadors

Then it was time for Peyton Manning to step out onto the field. For football fans, he needs no introduction, being a 5-time Most Valuable Player winner and 2-time Super Bowl champion. One year into retirement, Manning offered advice on everything from leadership to getting people to embrace change.

“If you want to change the game, you need everyone to buy-in and trust the team!”


This is especially true when a company wants to become a customer experience-focused company. You need buy-in from c-suite, and as John Mellor said, you need experience ambassadors.

Manning also touched on how to overcome adversity. “I had to learn to adjust; play in a new physical state. I had to learn to ask for help.” This is especially true when trying to shift towards a customer experience mindset. It is ok to ask for help.

So as you look to partner with different solutions to improve the customer experience, make sure they provide more than just a tool; but they also provide the expertise and support if ever you need it.


Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

Then, David Fischer, Vice President of Business and Marketing Partnerships at Facebook sat down with John Mellor. Fischer looked at how advertising is changing, and the rise of purpose-driven marketing. But it was what he said about mobile that I found particularly insightful.

“Mobile is the next big thing. It is the main thing.”

He then went on to elaborate saying that the mobile transformation is not done yet, and that mobile is now the main screen and can’t be an afterthought for marketers. I couldn’t agree more. I think that marketers need to create end-to-end mobile experiences that delight consumers, leveraging the distinct capabilities of mobile to go beyond just being an optimized carbon copy of the desktop experience.

But the key to stand out from the crowd is to provide mobile experiences your users need and expect. This starts with getting feedback from your mobile visitors to understand their needs, expectations and experiences. 

Duff Anderson
Duff Anderson

Duff Anderson is a visionary in Voice of the Customer research with over 20 years’ experience.

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