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Mobile Experience

Get the Most Out of Your Apps With iperceptions' Mobile App Solution

by Philippe Aussant, on Apr 6, 2017

Mobile apps are an integral part of marketing for many companies. These apps can be used to achieve a range of different objectives, from providing another avenue through which your customers can purchase your products, to acting as an extension of your marketing initiatives. 

All in all, mobile apps provide another medium through which your company can interact with your users, while giving them the ability and convenience to use your products wherever they are and whenever they want, all with a few moves of their thumb. 

It is an important digital touchpoint between you and your users, and can impact how your customers perceive your company, and the actions they will take next.  According to the Mobile Spend in 2015 study performed by Contact Solutions, if a shopper is forced to leave the app to obtain help, 1 out of 4 of these shoppers will be likely not to make a purchase with the brand at all.

Therefore, it’s crucial to continually look for ways to optimize the performance of your mobile app so you can drive up in-app conversions.  To do so, you need to better understand your users’ in-app experience and motivations, including finding out why they are using your app, as well as determining the specific aspects of your app that are driving their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. 


This is where iperceptions’ Mobile App Solution comes in

We are pleased to offer the iperceptions Mobile App Solution, which allows you to utilize iperceptions’ proven research solutions within mobile apps. 

Our Mobile App Solution leverages iperceptions’ powerful invitation and triggering technologies to help you understand your users’ motivations and expectations when using your app, as well as pinpoint the barriers you need to address to optimize your mobile app’s performance. 

Our Mobile App Solution allows you to: 

  • Improve user engagement by understanding what drives in-app satisfaction for specific groups of users, and identify how to increase retention and drive referral.
  • Increase in-app purchases by understanding the bottlenecks that may prevent users from making a purchase within the app.
  • Prioritize development or identify new features to add in the mobile app by understanding user needs and expectations.
  • Save, convert and nurture vocal app users by providing them an outlet to share their frustrations before they turn to vent on social media or review sites.

So how does the iperceptions Mobile App Solution work? 


Step 1: Get started in the iperceptions Platform

You can use the iperceptions Platform to manage every aspect of your in-app research, including downloading the iperceptions SDK, which is needed to launch iperceptions’ projects in your app. 

You can also use the iperceptions Platform to program the questions that you want to ask your app users, as well as set triggers so you can invite specific user segments and better understand their in-app experience. 

Survey Triggers - Mobile App solution 

Pictured: Programming invitation triggers in the iperceptions Platform


Step 2: Collect Feedback Using an Intuitive In-App Engagement

Once the iperceptions SDK is implemented and your projects have been set up in the iperceptions Platform, you can start inviting your app users to provide feedback about their in-app experience.  Our mobile app solution uses a responsive invitation and collection interface that adapts to your users’ tablet or mobile device. This ensures that your users have an intuitive and optimal experience when providing their feedback. 


iperceptions' Mobile App solution


Step 3: Analyze your results with our suite of reporting tools

The iperceptions Platform offers a range of reporting tools that update in real-time so you can dig deeper into your data, and start extracting actionable insights from your in-app users right away.  Our Enterprise platform also provides access to iper.explore, a data discovery feature powered by Tableau® (pictured below). 

iperceptions' iper.explore - mobile app solution

Pictured: iper.explore, powered by Tableau®


The user experience on your mobile app is as crucial as your website experience, and we’re excited to offer you a solution that allows you to understand and improve the mobile app experience. 

Our Mobile App Solution is available now as an add-on to our Enterprise platform, and is compatible on mobile applications in iOS® and Android™.  If you are a current Enterprise user and would like to know more about this solution, make sure to reach out to your dedicated Strategic Account Manager. 

If you are new to iperceptions and would like a closer look at our Mobile App Solution, or our iperceptions Enterprise Platform in general, please fill out this form and an iperceptions representative will reach out to you to schedule a demo.

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Philippe Aussant
Philippe Aussant

Philippe Aussant is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in content marketing, data analysis, account management and product support. As Content Manager, Philippe is responsible for generating and managing iperceptions marketing content assets, including the iperceptions blog.

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