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It’s not about fixing problems, it’s about building relationships

by iperceptions, on Aug 20, 2013


There is no question, Web 2.0, the “People’s Web”, has fundamentally shifted the way people communicate. The Social Web has reconfigured how consumers behave. By providing online tools and platforms to easily share their opinions and experiences, today’s consumers are empowered. They are no longer passive recipients of text; they are active agents creating, producing and sharing meaning. They want to share their opinions. So why not leverage this behavior to improve your website?

Your website is your home base. It’s where people come to learn about your business from the source; you. It’s your 24/7 conversation with the world. As a result, it’s essential to understand your visitors’ intentions and experiences to build a credible relationship. Do you know why your visitors come to your site? Have you asked them? The people who come to your site come for a specific reason. It’s your responsibility to ensure they leave satisfied with their visit. If they don’t, they will most likely not return.

Web analytics is the tool of choice to understand website behavior but it only gives half the story. Web analytics fails to answer the elusive “why” visitors behave the way they do on your site. That’s why it’s important to proactively ask your visitors about their intentions and experiences while on your site. By asking your visitors about their experience in the Moment of Truth - the moment they are navigating your site - you are collecting the most relevant and reliable attitudinal research on their experience. You are also creating a relationship with them. You are telling them, we value your opinion, you are important to us. You are adding their voice to your web analytics data to create an actionable story to improve their experience.  

If you are not already, it’s time to start asking your website visitors about their experience while they are on your site. Remember though, collecting customer feedback is not only about fixing problems, it’s about building relationships.  


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