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[Infographic] A Comparison Of Data Management Platform Companies In Canada

by iperceptions, on Oct 27, 2016

Guest post by Ivan Roubtsov, CMO at Client Spectrum

As programmatic cross-channel advertising becomes a standard practice among businesses, marketers are assessing better ways to gather and utilize first-party data (Your website user data).

Large advertisers have mustered their basic audience data acquisition, personalized their retargeting, and started smarter cross-channel advertising cycles focused on personalized customer journeys. Other advertisers have started looking into using additional data sources to enrich their first-party data including using third-party data. Third-party data is user data, socio-demographic and behavioral data, from sites that you do not own . (To learn more about the difference between first, second and third party data check out this blog - What You Need To Know About First, Second and Third Party Data)

Collectively, first-, second- and third-party information enables advertisers to develop more accurate audience segments, and it’s all accessible through audience Digital Management Platforms (DMPs).

A DMP is a platform that helps companies capture, manage and aggregate first-party and third-party audience data. A DMP allows for: audience data import and export, finding and filtering segments, sending cross-channel targeting instructions, provide access to data vendors, estimate audience reach, match customer segment, and much more. The problem is, many Canadian businesses are slow to utilize these systems to their full potential.

At Client Spectrum, an enterprise marketing solution consultancy firm, we looked into usage of the different DMPs across Canada to identify the most popular solutions. Our focus was to capture trends on adoption and usage of some of the most known and common DMPs. We combed enterprises for tags on their websites that indicated which audience DMPs they used, identifying data platforms with a majority Canadian market share.

Best Data Management Platform Companies in Canada

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Key Findings

Our analysis discovered that more than 15,000 Canadian companies are using Audience DMPs, with usage varying among provinces. There were three findings that stood out to our team:

  1. Canadian marketers are still far behind the US when it comes to DMP adoption. Consider a simple example with a platform like DemDex - Adobe Audience Manager. There are 82,492 US located businesses using it while in Canada the number is 1,316; Krux has 25,346 US users while only 368 Canadian companies use the platform.
  2. Ontario is a definite leader among DMPs. On average, there are 5 to 7 times more companies using this technology when compared to the next biggest adopter - British Columbia. The provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia are the top DMP adopters in Canada.
  3. Lotame, Aggregate Knowledge, Eyeota, Oracle Datalogix and Netmining are among top 5 audience data management type platforms used in Canada in 2016. Overall, the top 5 DMPs own 62% of the above number.

Canadian companies won’t remain behind for long. As customers across North America demand more personalized experiences, Canadian enterprises will be forced to utilize DMPs as audience information hubs.

About Client Spectrum

Client Spectrum provides trusted and reliable consulting services, uniquely focused on helping organizations realize their marketing objectives by maximizing their investment in Adobe and IBM enterprise marketing solutions.


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