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Improving the SaaS Experience with Active Research

by iperceptions, on Oct 2, 2013


Have you ever been unable to find what you were looking for on a website? Have you ever tried to do something with an application and it didn’t work?

Recently, one of my clients came to me with a business problem. Their brand and their sales were primarily based on a traditional bricks-and-mortar distribution model. They were launching new and improved software and they decided to use our tools to help them transition to a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. I’m happy to say that one of their main competitive advantages is now their software – which helps their customers design, format and print different office and home products.

iperceptions reporting and metrics doesn’t just help them measure customer satisfaction, it gives them actionable insights and is driving change:

  • Our tracking alerts tell them when there are issues with OS compatibility (Mac and Windows) – which their IT team uses to find and fix problems as quickly as possible.
  • Our up-to-date tracking of browser versions helps them ensure a smooth and consistent customer experience.
  • Our open-ended feedback and concept cloud tools give them the means to integrate their software with Microsoft Office, Apple, and Adobe – boosting satisfaction.

Improving the SaaS experience requires Active Research. But what is Active Research?

For my client, Active Research is about engaging with real customers in real situations to gain insights that drive actions such as:

  • Making it easier for the aspiring graphic designer to find the fonts she needs to make her posters sparkle.
  • Giving the businessman the most precise color quality and weighting to his business cards to make a perfect first impression.
  • Helping the photographer get just the right background and shadow to perfect her award-winning photo.

Active Research is about getting insights you wouldn’t otherwise get on your customers – even from a flesh-and-blood salesperson. Active Research is the solution that gives you the ability to meet, greet and get the information you need to improve your business while giving your customers the freedom and anonymity they need to really speak their mind. Active Research is where your customers come to advocate for change, where they come to crow about the things they love about you. At iperceptions, Active Research is about seeing what the customer sees. It’s about listening to customers on every step of their digital journey.


In this brave new world empowering your customer by asking the right questions at the right time is the first step in making first-rate products. And if you don’t do it, I can guarantee you that someone else will!


iperceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, helping the world’s customer-centric brands measure and elevate experiences across the customer journey.

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