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Getting started with the iperceptions Universal Code

by Philippe Aussant, on May 6, 2015

The Universal Code is the only script you will need to place on your site to manage all of your research projects. No longer do you need to implement different scripts to run different projects. Once this single snippet of JavaScript code is placed on all pages of your website, you are empowered to create, manage and edit multiple projects directly in the iperceptions' Platform. As a result, once it has been implemented, you have the flexibility to rapidly deploy future projects and edit existing ones without the need to consult your IT department.

Implementing the iperceptions Universal Code

To obtain the Universal Code for your account, simply log into the Active Research Platform, click on the Universal Code link on the left pane, and then copy the code provided.   

After obtaining the Universal Code, keep in mind the following when implementing it on your website:


  1. We suggest you implement the Universal Code via a Content Management System or Tag Management Solution (as a piece of custom JavaScript). Alternatively, you can implement it directly in your website’s code.

  2. We recommend you place the Universal Code on all pages of your website (e.g. via the global footer). That way, you can control when and where you want the research to be triggered on your website through the invitation triggers that you create in our platform.

  3. Ensure the Universal Code is placed above the closing </body> tag, but not in an iFrame. 

  4. On the “Universal Code” page in the iperceptions Active Research Platform (the same page where you had obtained the Universal Code), specify the website domains and subdomains associated to your account. Survey invitations and comment card feedback buttons will only be served on the domains specified.  Note that “http / https” does not need to be entered in these fields, though "www" should be entered if needed:


iPerceptions Universal Code

Testing iperceptions Universal Code

If you are planning to test the Universal Code in a staging environment or on test pages before pushing it to production, keep in mind the following:

  • Ensure the domain / subdomain for your staging environment or test pages is specified on the “Universal Code” page in the platform (see step #4 above).
  • Make sure to remove the legacy code from your website whenever you push the Universal Code to production. 

Depending on your iperceptions plan, you will have access to different features which will help you target your research to visitors who meet certain criteria.  You can learn more about these new features by reading our blog post - The speed and agility that every marketer needs.  

The Universal Code is available to all users of the iperceptions' Platform. Advanced features are available as of the Enterprise plan. For more details about the Universal Code or the Enterprise Plan, please contact us. For more detailed instructions on the Universal Code, including the ability to program triggers to target your research to only those who meet certain criteria, check out our documentation here or watch our webinar here.

Please note that we will be phasing out our legacy code for our self-serve clients in the coming months. If you are an Enterprise client, your Strategic Account Manager will work with you to schedule your transition.

Philippe Aussant
Philippe Aussant

Philippe Aussant is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in content marketing, data analysis, account management and product support. As Content Manager, Philippe is responsible for generating and managing iperceptions marketing content assets, including the iperceptions blog.

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