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[Free eBook] Voice of the Customer: Your Ultimate source of context for your Web Analytics

by iperceptions, on Oct 20, 2015


Today, every data driven organization lives and breathes web analytics, from page views to bounce rates to time on site. However, the reality is that web analytics only tells half the story. It can tell you what happened but it can’t tell you why it happened.

As Avinash Kaushik, digital marketing evangelist for Google, once said, "It [web analytics] cannot, no matter how much you torture the data, tell you WHY something happened.

In our new eBook, "Voice of the Customer: Your Ultimate source of context for your Web Analytics", we examine how a Voice of the Customer program can explain the why behind your web analytics data. Here's a peek at some key topics covered in the eBook. 

The "why" behind the "what"

Many organizations rely solely on the quantitative data aggregated by their Adobe and Google Analytics, missing out on their visitor’s intentions and expectations. It's important to go a step further and find out not just "what" behaviors consumers exhibit on your site, but also "why" they are doing what they do.

To effectively bridge the gap between the "what" and the "why" of online visitor behavior, brands must look towards Voice of Customer research. This research technique aggregates insights of customer needs, wants and expectations across all digital platforms, giving direct and impactful feedback to brands. 

Ultimately, a brand will need to turn the insights generated from its VoC efforts into real, strategic action plans. This is where our eBook sheds light onto some key technologies and techniques that can bring it all together, allowing brand leaders to integrate VoC data with their existing web analytics strategies. 

By following the advice in this eBook and incorporating the methods within, brands will find that their customer-centric strategies finally take flight and bring about the returns that they deserve. 

Note: This ebook has been updated in November 2017. The title was revised from "What's Driving Your Web Analytics?".


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Cover of iperceptions eBook – Voice of the Customer: Your Ultimate Source of context for your web analytics

VoC: Your Ultimate source of context for your Web Analytics

In this eBook, learn why Voice of Customer analytics is the only way to understand what your visitors are thinking.
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