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Customer Experience

[Free eBook] The Definitive Guide to Customer Experience in 2020

by iperceptions, on Oct 7, 2019


We are now firmly in the age of Customer Experience (CX). An age when customers are more empowered by technology than ever before. 

An age when customers are in control and calling the shots.

Today’s customers know more about your products, services, and reputation than you do. They are becoming increasingly omnichannel, and their expectations for great experiences keep growing. Brands must constantly adapt to stay relevant and differentiate themselves from the competition.

To help you take on the CX in the coming year, we're happy to announce the launch of our Definitive Guide to Customer Experience in 2020!


Cover of the iperceptions Definitive Guide to Customer Experience in 2020, a customer experience management eBook.


What's included in the Definitive Guide to Customer Experience in 2020?

This 55+ page guide gives an in-depth look at CX and the ingredients you will need to set a solid foundation for your Customer Experience strategy. You can also expect invaluable tips and best practices you can include in your CX toolkit in 2020.

Some of the topics covered include:

  1. The impact of good (and bad) CX to your bottom-line, and garnering internal support from your C-Suite and other key stakeholders for your CX program.  
  2. Ways to engage your customers for their feedback, some key CX metrics you should measure, and choosing the optimal approach to measure the Customer Experience across the customer journey.
  3. Getting the most out of your customer feedback, including closing the feedback loop, integrating your feedback with your other marketing technologies and informing your customer journey maps.
  4. 100 questions you can use to select the right Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution for you.

Download your copy today of the Definitive Guide to the Customer Experience in 2020, and become the CX champion your brand is counting on in the new year. 


iperceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, helping the world’s customer-centric brands measure and elevate experiences across the customer journey.

See why top brands choose iperceptions to help them improve the Customer Experience.

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The Definitive Guide to Customer Experience in 2020

Stay on top of CX in 2020

Our 55+ page Definitive Guide to CX looks at tips and best practices to include in your CX toolkit to build a winning Customer Experience program.
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