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Do you want to be a Customer-Centric Marketer?

by iperceptions, on Jun 9, 2015


Today your customers are in control and they are calling the shots. More than ever, marketers need to shift to a customer driven mindset to succeed in the digital world. According to Forrester, “Technology-empowered customers now know more than you do about your products and services, your pricing, and your reputation. Technology has tipped the balance in favor of the customer.”

That’s why our new blog is all about customer-centricity. The go-to resource for customer-centric marketers hungry to improve the customer experience, fine tune their digital marketing skills and explore the latest trends of market research. I would like to welcome you to iperceptions’ new blog - The Customer-Centric Marketer.

The Customer-Centric Marketer

Driven by research

Customer feedback is an essential component of any redesign process. At iperceptions, we practice what we preach. That’s why your feedback was vital to help guide the new design and direction. Data from our representative on-arrival survey combined with web analytics data and best practices provided the critical insights that shaped the new Customer-Centric Marketer. 

Learning from industry experts

From PhD linguists to digital marketing experts to market research specialists, we have a team of experts who are excited to share their expert knowledge on a range of topics with you. To help you navigate the topics that matter to you, the blog is divided into four categories: Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Market Research and Product Innovation. Simply click on one of these categories and you will quickly have access to thought provoking and insightful articles that will help you fine tune your skills. To help you get to know our experts, we have included author profiles complete with profile picture and bio. You can now easily connect with our authors, by leaving your comments or by connecting with them on LinkedIn. 

Learn from industry experts like Duff Anderson

An engaging experience wherever you are

We live in a mobile first world. Just like our clients, mobile is an essential part of the iperceptions experience. With more than 30 percent of our site visits coming from mobile, we designed our blog to be completely responsive. From desktop to mobile to tablet and from Android to iOS, you will enjoy learning from our experts wherever you are.    

Spreading the knowledge

From thought provoking articles such as “Is Customer Experience Just Another Buzzword?” to 5 Skills you Need to Become a Digital Marketing Superstar!to “Top 5 Voice of the Customer Trends for 2015”, you will want to share our content.  With social media sharing links front and center, at the top of each post, sharing knowledge with your network is just one click away.

Stay ahead of the game

To succeed as a modern day marketer, you need to understand and anticipate your customers’ intent, experiences and expectations. The customer needs to be at the center of every decision you make. To stay ahead of the game, sign up for our weekly Customer-Centric Marketer newsletter. Every week you will receive the information you need to improve the customer experience, fine tune your digital marketing skills and learn the latest trends in Voice of Customer research straight in your inbox.


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