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7 iperceptions Blog Posts That Will Make You A Better Customer Experience Expert in 2018

by iperceptions, on Dec 19, 2017

In 2017, it became abundantly clear that we now live in the era of the customer experience.

Technology has allowed consumers to be more empowered than they have ever been. 

As a result, brands now need to offer a flawless customer experience to stand out from the crowd. This new paradigm shift is putting pressure on CX professionals to orchestrate a game plan that addresses this critical aspect of modern business. 

Throughout this past year, we looked at different ways you can prepare yourself to take on the ever-evolving demands of your customers.

Here’s a look at seven iperceptions blog posts that will give you a roadmap for how you can improve your customer experience programs and be a CX leader in 2018.


1. 4 Ingredients of a Successful Customer Experience Program

Forward-thinking companies are taking a hard look at how they address the customer experience, and are making some major changes at the highest levels of their organization.

Some of these changes include hiring Chief Customer Officers or Chief Experience Officers, though most (if not all) of these companies are launching customer experience programs. 

This blog post looks at 4 key ingredients you need to create a successful and effective Customer Experience program, which include:

  • Building a strong and committed work group of CX champions
  • Getting your executive leadership on board with your CX program
  • Understanding your customers’ needs and wants
  • Leveraging new and emerging technologies to create a superior customer experience


2. 4 Key Pillars of Customer Experience Governance

CX pros today are looking to differentiate their services from their competitors.

But those who fail to properly steer and maintain their customer experience efforts will suffer from increased costs, disjointed experiences and a weak competitive stance.

That’s why having a strong customer experience governance structure is so important in ensuring your CX program remains a well-oiled machine.

This post walks you through the key aspects that every CX governance structure needs, from documenting your CX strategy, to circulating your CX metrics throughout the company to making CX a critical part of your internal reporting structure. 


3. 2 Ways to Tackle Shopping Cart Abandonment Using Feedback

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than seeing a visitor place a few items in the cart, only to leave the website without making a purchase. 

What happened? Is there something fundamentally wrong with our website experience? 

There are numerous ways you can prompt your customers to collect the insights you need to decipher this riddle, each dependent on where your customer is in the purchasing process, and the goals you hope to accomplish with your research.

This post looks at two crucial times you can prompt your visitors for their feedback, so you can leverage these insights and effectively tackle shopping cart abandonment on your website.


4. Customer Experience Metrics Series: Customer Effort Score

Throughout 2017, we dove deep into the key CX metrics that every Voice of the Customer (VoC) program should measure. The first post in our CX Metrics Series focused on ‘Customer Effort Score’. 

This metric looks at how hard your visitors must work to accomplish what they came on your website to do. Whether it’s the complexity of your website’s navigation or the steps required to extract the level of detail they’re looking for, this metric gauges the level of friction your visitors experience throughout their website session.

In this post, we look at the best way to measure this metric, and how it can help identify the visitor segments who experienced the most friction when completing their tasks.


5. 3 Important Things to Remember When Designing a Mobile Survey

The mobile transformation is far from complete. Most marketers have already snapped into action, with many companies introducing mobile-friendly websites and releasing mobile apps. 

But consumers are demanding more. This puts increasing pressure on marketers to create end-to-end mobile experiences that delight consumers, leveraging the distinct capabilities of mobile to go beyond just being an optimized carbon copy of the desktop experience.

The best way to achieve this is to better understand the mobile experience by running Voice of the Customer research. 

This post looks at three important tips to keep in mind when creating a mobile survey to make sure you get the most out of your mobile VoC research


6. How to Increase Survey Response Rates

Asking your customers to complete a survey is like starting a conversation with them. By accepting an invitation to participate in your survey, they are agreeing to take the time to share their thoughts with you about their experience. 

However, it’s difficult to keep them engaged if they feel that the conversation is dragging on. Over the course of a long survey, respondents can see less and less value in providing their feedback. This can cause respondent fatigue and lead them to prematurely quit the survey, which negatively impacts your survey response rates.

This post provides proven ways to help avoid this from happening so you can increase your survey response rates and collect more accurate insights. 


7. 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Full-Service Voice of the Customer Solution

Many digital marketers think a self-serve survey tool is sufficient to run a VoC program.

In reality, to get the most value out of the voice of your customers, you need an experienced team to manage the diverse aspects of the VoC program. However, employing a full-time internal team to support your VoC program can be expensive. 

A first-class VoC solution provider not only offers a full range of feedback capabilities, but also a full service option with access to a team of experts focused on making sure your program delivers a return on your investment. 

This post looks at five reasons you should consider a full-service VoC solution managed by VoC experts, as opposed to leveraging an entirely self-serviced VoC solution. 


Banner image source: Edewaa Foster on Unsplash


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