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Customer Experience

7 iperceptions Blog Posts That Will Make You A Better Customer Experience Expert in 2017

by iperceptions, on Dec 16, 2016

Improving the customer experience is mission-critical today and can’t be ignored. As the customer experience becomes a growing priority, CX experts need to focus on taking action on customer data and effectively leveraging technology that will put their company on the road to success.

So here’s a look at seven iperceptions blog posts that will give CX leaders a roadmap of how to improve their customer experience programs and achieve success in 2017.


1. The 4 Most Important Customer Experience Metrics

 One of the most hotly-debated questions between CX experts is: ‘what metrics are the best?’. While there are countless metrics that can be used as part of a customer experience program, there are a few key metrics that should be leveraged to get any program off the ground.

This blog post walks you through four of the most widely-used and valuable CX metrics, including Satisfaction, Net Promoter® Score, Visitor Intent, and Task Completion, and also looks at the best ways to implement them to ensure accurate and consistent results.


2. What Marketers Need to Know About The Mobile App Experience

Today, mobile apps are an integral part of marketing, and offer a tantalizing opportunity to connect with customers in an intimate way. But whether you are looking to create an app to complement your content marketing strategy or the digital experience, understanding customers’ needs, wants and expectations will be your gateway to driving retention, engagement and conversion. 

This post demonstrates the importance of providing a seamless in-app experience, and shows how companies like Slack and Starbucks have seen success through using the voice of their customers to improve the mobile app experience.


3. [Infographic] 5 Facts Impacting the Mobile Experience

Consumers are spending more time than ever on mobile devices, and purchases made from a mobile device are rapidly increasing. This means that consumers have higher expectations when it comes to the mobile experience.

This infographic unpacks the mobile experience and looks at how CX experts can provide a mobile experience that their users need and expect.


4. 7 Things to Look For in a VoC Solutions When You Launch a Global Campaign

With customer experience now becoming the new marketing, CX experts are turning to Voice of Customer solutions to help them gain insights into their customers. In large organizations, implementing a VoC solution can be a challenge, needing to coordinate between multiple websites for multiple countries in multiple languages. 

So if you are looking for a VoC vendor to meet your global needs in 2017, this post walks you through the seven things to look for in a VoC provider.


5. A Millennial's Perspective on the Millennial Consumer

Millennials are fast becoming the most important generation. To make sure you don’t fall behind and tap into this emerging market, it is crucial to focus on the intentions, needs and wants of millennials in 2017.

But how can you grab a bigger share of the burgeoning wallets of millennial consumers? This blog post looks at what makes millennials so different from baby boomers and generation Xers, and what CX experts need to know so they can resonate and connect with millennials.


6. Why Intent Data is the Elixir of Personalization

With the number of ads and channels reaching unprecedented heights, creating unique, valuable, relevant experiences is paramount. But personalization using demographics-based segmentation can be so ubiquitous, feeling neither relevant nor personal. Yet a new era is here – one in which marketing must speak to individual consumers and provide a customer experience tailored to their immediate circumstances and intent. 

This blog post looks at the different types of intent data and how it is a fundamental ingredient in enhancing your digital marketing efforts.


7. Why Voice of the Customer Data is your Most Important Marketing Asset

Today, marketing success means developing winning customer-centric experiences. That’s why Voice of the Customer (VoC) data has grown from being a nice-to-have to becoming the backbone of measuring and managing the customer experience. However, VoC data is always leveraged to analyze the experience after the experience has occurred. 

In this post, you will see how you can bring your VoC data into your real-time marketing systems to create unique and powerful customer experiences. This is a must-read for any CX expert looking to take their CX program to the next level in 2017.


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