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Customer-Centric Roundup: September 2015

by iperceptions, on Oct 2, 2015

The customer experience is emerging as the new competitive battleground and marketers need to have a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges they face. Here's a roundup of the most important customer experience insights and findings from this past September. 

1. Retailers lead the way in digital transformation

From online shopping to paying your bills online, the digital environment is having a profound effect on the life of the consumer. As eConsultancy pointed out, this digital transformation in the retail sector is blending the physical and online shopping experience into one.

eConsultancy explained that through the adoption of technologies such as location-based analytics, in-store notifications and personalized ecommerce journeys, retailers are setting a high bar for excellence that will surely inspire brands across sectors to ramp up their customer experience efforts.

2. The path to becoming a customer experience champion

Business objectives, especially those related to customer experience, should be driven by clear strategy and precise execution. But to spearhead these projects effectively, brands need at least one customer experience champion in their ranks, as explained by an article from CMS Wire. 

Highlighting the role and purpose of a customer experience champion, the article breaks things down into the areas of people, process and technology. It's up to the CX champion to assess the status quo, design a cohesive strategy for improvement and eliminate the barriers that prevent the organization from achieving its customer-centric goals.

3. No longer business as usual for CMOs

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has changed quite a bit over the past decade. With the CMO having a wide range of responsibilities from creating new go-to-market strategies to driving organizational transformation to brand management to generating growth. But according to an article by Ad Age the role of CMO is shifting to a customer-obsessed model. Companies now have to work harder than ever to retain customers, are required to deliver more personalized experiences and are now even competing directly based on the experience.  

This new competitive reality requires a more severe structural and operational change, according to Ad Age. The new CMO agenda now consists of being customer focused, striving to deliver a seamless experience across different touchpoints and implementing technologies that deliver customer value and drive growth.  

4. Infographic of the month - The Power of Intent Driven Retargeting

While the concept of retargeting is not new to the marketing mix, an iperceptions infographic showed how brands can miss the mark and what can be done to set them back on the right track. The infographic revealed many organizations fail to make the most of their retargeting investments, missing out on opportunities for more precise and consistent engagement.

There is good news, however, as brands can maximize the ROI of their retargeting efforts and minimize the risk factors such as overspending and banner blindness by tailoring campaigns to the intent of the consumer. Digital marketers that create relevant and intent driven retargeting campaigns will make the most of their retargeting dollar.

5. Blog of the month - 4 Customer Experience Quotes That Will Make You A Better Marketer

Sharing the wisdom of innovators such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, an iperceptions blog highlighted four game-changing quotes from the customer experience arena. These valuable lessons should help inspire and encourage any business leader to venture forth on their next customer-centric initiative.


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