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Customer-Centric Roundup: October 2016

by iperceptions, on Nov 2, 2016

Halloween and Major League Baseball's World Series often take the spotlight in October, but there were also a number of big stories that came out of the CX and digital marketing space this month.

Leaders from companies such as Google and Adobe are challenging the status quo and rethinking how businesses deliver ad experiences. It's really an exciting time, with publishers and advertisers moving past the rhetoric of "better experiences" and taking measurable steps to deliver meaningful customer interactions.

Here are the posts that made October's Customer-Centric Roundup:


An index just for mobile

Google has spent more than 1 million computing hours building its primary index. Now, it's creating a separate index for mobile devices. E-consultancy's Patricio Robles wrote about the search engine's investment, highlighting the marketing implications of a mobile index:

  • More companies will build their sites with Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages project, which promises to establish snippier mobile experiences.
  • The mobile index will become the primary index down the line, and Google will spend fewer resources maintaining its desktop index.
  • Google's new index favors websites built for mobile experiences, as opposed to websites developed for desktops that are compatible with smartphones and tablets.


iperceptions Buys Ad Tech Outfit Datacratic

It is not often that we include iperceptions news in our Customer-Centric Roundup, but we are just so excited by the news we had to include it. This month, iperceptions' acquired Datacratic, a leading real-time audience optimization and segmentation Ad Tech Suite. Ad Exchanger recently spoke with iperceptions’ CEO Martin Le Sauteur about the acquisition, where he said that, “We're still doing a lot of VoC (Voice of the Customer) work, but now we're also trying to help clients who are listening to their customer go beyond diagnostic [applications] and leverage that data for business.”

iperceptions’ acquisition further solidifies its position in the machine learning and audience data space, and will further increase the value that we deliver to our clients by delivering segmentation capabilities that increase marketing campaign ROI.


Context-driven, engaging content

The folks at Google have recognized that companies aren't delivering ad experiences that align with contextual interactions. Marketing Week spoke with Brad Bender, vice president of display and video advertising at Google, who maintained that each customer interaction, whether through YouTube or via an e-commerce platform, is one piece of a greater puzzle.

His comments ride on the coattails of Google Display Network's new cross-device remarketing functions, which will enable companies to target a single customer through multiple devices. The cross-device function provides advertisers with the opportunity to tell compelling stories that ring true with customers.

"There is a lot of cross-pollination happening and a lot of specific insight available so brands are able to more specifically create stuff relevant for specific channels or segments," said Bender.


Infographic of the Month: 'A Comparison of the Most Used Data Management Platforms in Canada'

Data management platforms (DMPs) enable companies to capture, manage and aggregate first- and third-party audience data, allowing them to develop more detailed audience segments.

Client Spectrum recently conducted a study to see which DMPs Canadian businesses use the most, as well as how those companies utilized their DMPs. The study’s findings were compiled into an infographic that showed that Ontario-based businesses use DMPs more than organizations located in other provinces and that Canada and, in general, Canadians utilize DMPs less than American enterprises.


Blog post of the Month: 'How Advertisers Can Navigate the Private Marketplace: A Beginner's Guide'

If you're new to programmatic media buying and want to know more about buying premium inventory, iperceptions developed a succinct guide on how to capitalize on private marketplaces (PMPs).

The blog post looks at the 3 different types of private marketplaces including premium deals, private deals and private auctions, and walks you through the advantages and disadvantages of each.


iperceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, helping the world’s customer-centric brands measure and elevate experiences across the customer journey.

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