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Customer-Centric Roundup: November 2016

by iperceptions, on Dec 2, 2016

With Thanksgiving now over, the holiday season is in full swing. For many companies the holiday season is the most important time of the year as they compete for consumer attention and wallet share. So here's a glance at some of the stories that caught our attention in November and will help brands make the most of the holiday season. 


Holiday shopping begins in….

Holiday shopping is starting earlier and earlier. According to the National Retail Federation and eMarketer, by the end of October, more than half of holiday shoppers have already begun buying gifts!

In addition, the report noted that more than a third of internet users plan to begin holiday shopping in November, including almost 9 percent who would start on Black Friday. All of this data suggests that internet users are very proactive when it comes to purchasing presents in time for the holiday season.


Vying for attention 

Ads make zero impact if nobody watches them. Unfortunately, the prospect of customers turning away from TV screens, switching to a different browser tab or looking at their mobile devices when they encounter ads is a reality marketers deal with every day.

Geoff Ramsey, CIO at eMarketer, said as much at the ad:tech New York conference in the beginning of November. covered Ramsey's keynote speech, highlighting that as more devices enter people's lives, individuals are less likely put up with irrelevant ads.

"You may think people are watching your TV commercial, but they are probably looking down at their second screen," said Ramsey. "And most of the time [75 percent] what they are watching on that second screen is unrelated to what they ware watching on TV."

This means that advertisers have to focus on creating ads that align with the consumers’ unique intentions.


Artificial intelligence: Will we finally understand customers? 

Marketers have been harping on the importance of personalization for some time, but still struggle to nail exactly what a specific customer wants at a particular time. Arguably, no one understands humans better than humans, but it's difficult personalizing experiences for thousands of customers or more. 

According to VentureBeat, artificial intelligence may enable us to finally reach the personalization we've been trying to achieve. The magazine interviewed Nick Edwards, CEO of Boomtrain, who noted AI is getting better at moving past superficial snapshots of the customer journey and - believe it or not - empathizing with people's desires.  

"AI at its core is really about observation, and using those observations to make human experiences just that - just more human," said Edwards.


Infographic of the Month: 'The Rise of Mobile CX' 

Today more people use their smartphones for everything from applying for new credit cards to checking the delivery status of products shipped to their homes.  

If you want a succinct, insightful summary into everything you should know about mobile interactions, check out this infographic from Temkin Group. The infographic shows how mobile usage has changed over time and clarifies what your organization should do to accommodate smartphone users.


Blog Post of the Month: '5 Retargeting Strategies Your Competition is Using (And One That They're Not)' 

If you're looking to get a leg up on your competition, J.F. Houpert, director of data solutions at iperceptions, has the inside scoop. He noted most companies use behavioral, CRM, email, search and contextual retargeting to engage visitors who didn’t convert. 

Yet there is another retargeting tactic that companies can use – intent-based retargeting. Intent-based retargeting delivers ads that reflect visitor wants and needs and is the next retargeting frontier. 


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