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Customer-Centric Roundup: May 2015

by iperceptions, on May 28, 2015

From ad:tech San Francisco 2015 to mobile device mania, May was full of customer experience conversations. Let's take a look at some of the top customer experience stories, reports and infographics released in May.

"Mind-blowing" customer centricity stats

While our heads remain intact, compiled a great list of 15 statistics about the modern customer-centric nature of commerce. Some notable highlights include:

  • Companies that focus on the customer are 60 percent more profitable than those that do not.
  • Personalization is a priority of 90 percent of marketers.
  • To make up for a single negative experience, a customer must have 12 positive ones.

Straight from CMOs' mouths

In a roundup of their own, eMarketer and Teradata released a curated selection of interviews with CMOs from well-known organizations. The bottom line was that marketers need to be "ready to serve" engaging content and deliver it seamlessly across devices throughout the experience a customer has with the brand.

"You need to be 'ready to serve' engaging content and deliver it seamlessly."

Specifically, in regard to the mobile app versus mobile website debate, HotelTonight CMO Mark Phillips asserted that apps are better for conversion while mobile websites are more geared towards engagement and pulling in new customers.

The age of mcommerce

This month, eMarketer introduced digital marketers to its forecast and trends report for U.S. mobile commerce. In particular, eMarketer predicted that U.S. retail mobile commerce sales will reach $77 billion this year, representing a 32 percent increase from 2014. By 2019, it was estimated that "mcommerce" sales will hit $153.5 billion.

eMarketer's report also indicated that tablets are the dominant device for this type of commerce. Sixty-one percent of mcommerce takes place on tablets, according to the study.

Why do your customer experience initiatives fail?

In a homage to Dave Letterman, Jake Sorofman of Gartner counted down the top 10 reasons customer experience strategies are often unsuccessful. Notable entries include:

  • Magical thinking: Sorofman wrote that marketers frequently render designs while ignoring the reality of how experiences are implemented and executed at scale.
  • Failure to measure: Simply put, digital marketers need to link investments to metrics and KPIs.

Forgetting the people

The No. 1 reason for customer experience failure is that businesses forget that they're talking to actual people, and instead rely on automation. Always remember that your customers are human beings.

Straight from the ad:tech floor

If you didn't get a chance to attend ad:tech San Francisco 2015, check out this article from Forbes about a panel at the conference that suggested virtual and augmented reality are the future mediums of advertising. With VR headsets from Samsung and the Facebook-owned Oculus ready for the market, digital marketers think this is the next frontier for creating amazing customer experiences with brands.

"Right now, e-commerce is extremely flat," Valerie Carlson, executive creative director of the digital agency SapientNitro, told Forbes. "Virtual reality is a true experience. We can create roles that go beyond the physical aisle."

Infographic of the Month: Go mobile and responsive … or go home!

The eMarketer report highlighted the importance of going mobile, but do you know how to start? Marketo recommended improving the responsive design of your website as a great jumping-off point. The infographic explained the evolution of Google's mobile technology, ending the timeline at the company's announcement to rank mobile-friendly websites higher in search results.

iperceptions Blog of the Month: 5 skills you need to become a digital marketing superstar!

Recently, AdWeek reported that 90 percent of marketing professionals suffer from a shortage of digital abilities, while one out of five of these individuals define their talent as "entry-level." With such a shortage in digital acumen, this month we highlighted the 5 key skills that every marketer should master to become a digital marketing superstar! Spoiler alert: They're all about catering to the customer!


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