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Customer-Centric Roundup: March 2017

by iperceptions, on Apr 4, 2017

With Q1 2017 already behind us, there have been plenty of great posts and articles that offer great insights on the online customer experience that are useful to have in your back pocket. 

Here are some of the customer experience articles that caught our eye this month:


Building brand loyalty is becoming increasingly challenging

With companies continuously facing an increasingly competitive landscape, companies are fighting harder and harder for the loyalty of their existing customers. 

We’ve all heard the adage that it’s much more expensive to attract new customers than it is to retain customers. In that vein, recently highlighted 15 interesting statistics that look specifically at brand loyalty and customer retention. A few of the interesting statistics mentioned included:

  • 79 percent of consumers want brands to demonstrate that they care about them before they consider purchasing
  • Half of customers quit doing business with a company immediately following a bad sales or marketing experience
  • Loyal customers spend 67 percent more than new ones


Companies spending more on mobile apps and websites

With the technology around us becoming more and more mobile every day, companies are adjusting their internal budgets accordingly to meet the needs of their customers.

eMarketer examined the results of recent research performed by Adobe that found 60 percent of US Mobile Marketers expecting to spend 60 percent more on mobile apps and 69 percent more on mobile websites. Companies are placing higher priority on mobile apps than their mobile website, since the level of engagement on mobile apps are typically considerably greater than on mobile websites. eMarketer estimates that 85.7 percent of US smartphone users’ average daily time spent going online was spent in mobile apps, compared to only 14.3 percent for mobile websites. 


Key principles to build a customer-centric website experience

The online retail business is an extremely competitive one. To stand out from the crowd and encourage future and repeat purchases, companies must offer an enjoyable, positive and friction-free website experiences.

Econsultancy looked at 10 key principles for creating amazing online retail experiences that provide a comprehensive look at concepts you need to incorporate into your retail website. The main goal of these principles revolves around offering a customer-first approach, as opposed to a sell-first approach.

Some of these principles include:

  • The need to let data lead your decision-making efforts, as it offers the “why” behind the pain points of your website
  • The need to design experiences specific to intent-driven micro-moments (showing the right data at the right time for the right visitor)
  • The need to be iterative and persistent in your efforts to improve your online customers' experience. This means that you should have a culture of continuous improvement and listening, and avoid remaining stagnant.


Adobe Summit 2017: The importance of creating great customer experiences

Over 12,000 attendees made their way down to Las Vegas this month for the Adobe Summit, the largest digital marketing conference in the world. Everything from the latest digital marketing industry trends and new ways to offer great customer experiences were discussed this year.

Check out our key takeaways from the event.  


Infographic of the month: ‘The Value of a Happy Customer’

Bad experiences often stick out much more than positive experiences. That’s why it’s crucial for companies to always be putting their best foot forward in order to offer a positive experience to their customers.

MarketingProfs reviewed the results of a recent poll conducted by Lithium and Harris Poll that examines how much companies can gain from happy customers and lose from negative experiences.

Notable findings include:

  • 65 percent of consumers will stop using your brand if they are treated badly (even if they love your product)
  • 44 percent of customers who have had a negative experience will vent to their family and friends


Blog Post of the Month: ‘3 Data Points To Bridge The Gap Between Your Adobe Analytics and Voice of the Customer Data’

Web analytics tools enable you to see how visitors are navigating and interacting with your website, but there is one vital thing that these solutions can’t do: Get inside the mind of your visitors. 

This post looks at some digital VoC data points that you should inject into Adobe Analytics to better understand your visitors’ motivations for coming to your website (pre-visit), how they felt their website experience went (in-visit), and what they plan to do after their visit (post-visit).


Image source: Unsplash


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