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Customer-Centric Roundup: March 2016

by iperceptions, on Apr 5, 2016

As we head into Spring, brand leaders should take a moment to reflect on some of the fascinating customer experience insights that emerged last month. 

Here's a glance at some of the most influential customer experience findings from the month of March, and some suggestions for how brands can make the most of the emerging trends. 

Massive Marketing Tech Landscape

The scope of the marketing technology arena is greater than ever before, according to a huge infographic created by Scott Brinker, editor of Chief Marketing Technologist. His 2016 infographic includes more than 3,800 distinct solutions across at least two dozen unique categories. 

Even more impressive is the speed at which the landscape is growing. Brinker stated that this year's infographic contains 87 percent more solutions than the 2015 rendition. Now it's up to marketing visionaries to look more closely at the landscape and pick out the products and services that best serve their CX objectives. 


Blueprints and Road Maps

Brinker's graphic may visualize the lay of the land, but even marketers with big budgets can't just invest blindly in solutions. That's where Forbes contributor Kimberly Whitler's interview with Integrate CMO Scott Vaughan provides a huge amount of value for modern CX leaders looking to maximize ROI. 

Vaughan recommended that strategists visually map out their existing marketing workflows, including processes, products and people. He argued that this approach can help them pinpoint strategic and technological gaps, promoting a more targeted investment strategy.


Experience Remains Critical

Global markets aren't doing so well these days, and a Forrester blog article explained why that places a greater importance on customer experience than ever before. Contributor Harley Manning pointed to statistics that show why CX leaders are more immune to market dips, and will be the big winners when the economy turns around. 

For example, customer experience front-runners have been shown to see revenue growth occur at three times the speed of laggards, along with enjoying superior customer loyalty. For those who haven't yet jumped on board the CX bandwagon, tough times may be reason enough to consider taking the leap. 


Brands Reclaim CX Strategy

In a marketing environment jammed with buzzwords, some view the customer experience with a bit of warranted skepticism. But an Econsultancy article from Alasdair Graham explained why CX is far more legitimate than other buzzwords that are being thrown around.

For example, Graham stated that pop-up ads, blast emails and clickbait posts are all ‘abominations’ that neglect the customer experience, and that it's time for a return to customer-centric form. Advocates and skeptics alike will finish this article with a fundamental understanding of why CX is so important in today's cluttered world. 


SXSW Highlight – Embrace disruption

South by Southwest is one of the nation's premier tech, entertainment and culture happenings, and new marketing innovations are unveiled each year in the Interactive portion of the event. covered an exclusive event - a chat between marketing thought leaders Scott Kauffman and Bob Pittman

The two sat down and offered some sage wisdom to marketing leaders and aspiring strategists, telling listeners to break the rules, take chances and embrace disruption. Most importantly, attendees were told to immerse themselves in tech, as related skill sets will undoubtedly be the currency of the future. 


Adobe Summit Sneak-Peeks

Another big event in March was the Adobe Summit which took place in Las Vegas between the 19th and 23rd. As CMSWire pointed out, there were many impressive next-gen technologies on display this year

A few examples included a personalized shopping concierge, a mechanism that gauges customer tolerance for advertisements, and psychographic analysis tools that dig deeper into user tweets. It may be a few years until these trends hit the mainstream, but innovative marketers are already seeing the potential. 


iperceptions Blog of the Month - Programmatic Prospecting

These days marketers can't afford to take shots in the dark when launching advertising campaigns. That's why this month JF Houpert looked at the fundamentals of prospecting and how it can deliver massive value.  

Readers will learn all about prospecting tactics including geo targeting, budget pacing, frequency capping and day parting. They'll even get up to speed on advanced methods such as device and contextual targeting that will help make the most of multi-channel customer trends. Any brand that wants to test and optimize their programmatic advertising campaigns would be wise to check this post out.


Infographic of the Month - Mobile Experience

It can't be repeated enough: Mobile is a critically important part of the customer experience. This month's infographic provides context to the mobile revolution, informing readers of the right and wrong ways to approach mobile CX. 

The infographic also looks at the phenomena of mobile use, search patterns, payments and mobile-only experiences as they are emerging in the world of retail and beyond.


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