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Customer Experience

Customer-Centric Roundup: June 2016

by iperceptions, on Jul 6, 2016

Summer has officially arrived. As we enter into July and the second half of 2016, marketers and brand leaders should take a moment to process some of the biggest customer experience stories and developments from last month. After all, there are some major trends emerging that will have a serious impact on consumer decisions through the rest of the year. 

Here's a brief glimpse at some of the most importance customer experience insights from the month of June.


Putting the customer first

Getting the right results depends on first focusing on the right problems. That's easier said than done. Greg Bowen, vice president of Dell Commerce Services, told the Internet Retailer 2016 Conference & Exhibition in Chicago up to 80 percent of IT projects fall short of expectations because retailers' business requirements and objectives frequently overlook the customer. 

Time and again, the customer takes a backseat to business goals and management conditions when retailers set out on projects. The first step in project planning needs to be an emphasis on listening to the customer.

Bowen described how Dell relaunched its site after implementing customer feedback received via iperceptions. After listening to shoppers and using their input to shape design, Dell's improved e-commerce site saw a 13 percent leap in revenue per visit. 


Delivering a relevant customer experience

Plenty of marketers talk about delivering a seamless, timely customer engagement experience across touch points. Few manage to enable these omni-channel experiences, however.

This article from Marketing Land looks at how companies unable to track customers across channels are a long way off from achieving an omni-channel strategy. The article goes on to say that to build a relevant customer experience, organizations need to collect, own and act on consumer data across touch points and deliver this data in real-time to marketers. This means breaking down traditional silos and finding an efficient way to share data. 


How big-box retailers can survive

For years, the emergence of e-commerce has spelled the demise of traditional big-box retail stores. Easy access and wide selection - once available through only physical stores - have reached new levels on the internet. To survive in the digital age, retailers need to shift their strategy to providing customers with big experiences and unique discounts, according to this article from Harvard Business Review.

Now that consumers (particularly millennials) spend less on products and more on experiences like travel and entertainment, retailers need to introduce revamped value propositions. Just as small specialty stores offer buyers intimate, personal visits, big-box retailers can stage memorable, large-scale and share-worthy events.


Improving the fan experience with tech

Wimbledon is tennis' biggest event of the year. To improve the fan experience of the tournament even when players weren't sailing the ball back and forth across the net, Wimbledon's organizers turned to digital transformation strategies. Econsultancy reported the first step was to create engaging, easily accessible consumer content aimed at bringing in an international audience.

One of the strategies organizers turned to was introducing a new mobile app. The All England Club personalized the fan experience with a "Plan Your Visit" feature customizable to specific matches; shareable slideshows of photos and social media posts; and mobile alerts updating users with scores, analysis and news. This was, without question, the most personalized Wimbledon experience ever.


Infographic of the month: The Hierarchy of Needs - Citizen Experience in the Public Sector

The psychologist Abraham Maslow broke ground in the 20th century by mapping out humankind's predominant needs, ranging from the basic (food, water) to the more complex achievement of personal goals. This month, iperceptions released an infographic that looked at how the citizen experience has a similar hierarchy of needs.

The infographic looks at how by just having an online presence governments’ can make a commitment to strive for different spectrums of citizen experience analytics. From basic measurement and engagement right through to prediction and personalization. 


iperceptions blog post of the month: 'What Marketers Need to Know About the Mobile App Experience'

Markets have never had the opportunities - or the challenges - they face today. Consumers demand a frictionless mobile experience, a gateway connecting them with the internet and the world. But simply having a mobile app isn't enough.

This month’s blog post by Duff Anderson examines the importance of creating an app experience that meets customers' needs, wants and expectations.


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