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Customer-centric Roundup: July 2015

by iperceptions, on Aug 3, 2015


In order to be a successful marketer, you need to have your hand on the pulse of what customers want and need. What have been the hot topics in the customer experience and digital marketing space during July 2015? Let's take a look at what everyone has to say.

1. Want success? Focus on the customer experience
With people taking to Facebook and Twitter to air even the smallest complaint about certain companies and the services they provide, Forbes contributor Roger Dooley noted that
customer experience should be the most important thing that companies focus on. Dooley continued by asserting that positive customer experience testimonials are just as important as successful marketing campaigns - so skimping on the service will only do more harm than good.

2. A mobile optimized experience is a must
While it is no surprise that more and more businesses are creating mobile apps to keep up with the smartphone-centric society; an eMarketer report recently noted that
websites optimized for mobile devices are just as integral to a business.

According to the eMarketer report, visitors to optimized sites viewed nearly three products on average—a figure that dropped to 2.3 for those not optimized. Furthermore, US digital retailers that had a mobile-optimized website, mcommerce accounted for 31% of ecommerce transactions during Q2 2015. This means that brands must focus on creating mobile optimized experiences to produce results that increase conversion, retention and loyalty on mobile devices.

3. Business hasn't changed, customer expectations have
Over the past few decades, there have been many changes to the business world, but one of the most important shifts is how customers expect to be communicated with and treated. As contributor Michael Nutley reported, while trying to keep up with varying business models, companies
must not forget to stay attuned to customer desires. Narry Singh, Head of Digital Strategy at Accenture stated that, “Customers don’t care what industry you’re in. They don’t compare banking apps to each other; they compare them to Uber.” This means that marketers need to look beyond offering a better experience than just their competition and towards an experience that perfectly meets the needs and expectations of their customers.

4. Infographic of the month: 'Personalization in Marketing'
A personalized experience is a remembered one. According to a recent Experian infographic, more than 87 percent of marketers in North America do
some form of personalization. Yet many marketers still face various challenges when trying to create personalized experience. This infographic from Experian looks at marketing personalization and details the top three challenges marketers face.

5. iperceptions blog post of the month: 5 DEADLY Voice of Customer Myths Debunked
There is no questioning it; we are living in the
age of the customer. This means that marketers need to better understand customers and shift to a customer-centric mindset. The only way to understand your customers’ intentions, needs and experiences is through a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. Yet there are many misconceptions about Voice of Customer analytics so to set the record straight Duff Anderson looked at five VoC myths and debunk them


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