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Customer-Centric Roundup: February 2017

by iperceptions, on Mar 3, 2017

The first two months of 2017 seemed to have just flown by, with spring already being just around the corner.  

There were several great articles released this month that highlighted the increasing importance of offering an optimal customer experience, whether your customers are on a Desktop or Mobile device, or whether they are sitting at home or on-the-go.    

Let’s look at some of the top customer experience stories that caught our eye in February 2017: 


Customer Experience takes over as marketers’ #1 priority

The Digital Trends 2017 Report, a joint study between Econsultancy and Adobe, showed that 63 percent of marketers placed Customer Experience as their biggest priority. In contrast to last year, when 90 percent of marketers had placed data-driven marketing as their biggest priority. 

Another notable finding shows the importance of sharing the responsibility of customer experience across departments, with more than half agreeing that is very important to optimize collaboration between creative and marketing teams to deliver a great customer experience. 


More money being spent on improving customers’ mobile experience

In an increasingly-mobile world, it has become more and more important for companies to offer a positive experience to their customers when they are on their mobile phones.

However, Matt Asay, VP of mobile at Adobe, told that it’s only recently that “companies are spending real money and shifting real dollars to mobile”.  In addition to companies’ overall strategic business plan, customer feedback is a key driver for how the majority of marketers choose where to invest in mobile.


Poor customer service is costing companies dearly

Poor customer service can naturally have a negative impact on your bottom line, regardless of where you are in the world.

Last month, MyCustomer looked at findings released by the UK’s Ombudsman Service from its fourth annual Consumer Action Monitor, which found that there were 55 million total complaints made through its services, which cost businesses an estimated £37 billion a year.  Another notable finding from this report suggests that companies are still making it difficult for their customers to make complaints, with 19 percent of people believing that companies don’t actually listen to their customers. 


The rise of ‘moment marketing’

Companies are increasingly trying to show timely and relevant marketing content to their customers or prospects, especially when they are out and about and using their mobile devices. 

Enter ‘moment marketing’.  As per MediaPost’s reporting of a presentation provided by Forrester analyst Melissa Parrish, marketers in the future will be striving to shrink down people’s mobile moments into “micro moments”. With the help of audience data, purchase data, behavior, location and events; marketers will be able to show fewer ads that are highly relevant to the unique situation of individual users.


Infographic of the month: ‘Digital Marketing in 2017: Trends and Predictions’

As customers continue to gain more and more buyer power, they demand memorable, life-enhancing experiences from the companies they interact with.  Naturally, companies need to find ways to offer these experiences, and prevent customers from going to the competition. 

As a result, according to Signal, 73 percent of global marketers believe that they need to deliver a personalized customer experience in order to be successful.  However, only 37 percent say that they do it effectively. 


Blog Post of the month: ‘How to Increase Survey Response Rates for Your Voice of the Customer Program’

Designing a digital VoC project is a science, and there is no magic formula to creating the perfect survey.  It can be tricky trying to find a balance between what works for you, and what works for your customers to keep them engaged and maintain a good survey response rate.  Here are some tips that can come in handy as you review your surveys 

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