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Digital Marketing

Customer-Centric Roundup: August 2015

by iperceptions, on Sep 2, 2015


It's the job of the modern marketer to stay on top of all the trends and stories that are impacting the digital arena. With customer experience and marketing strategy advancing at such a rapid rate here are the need-to-know developments from August 2015. 

1. Mobile experience proves necessary

Everyone in the marketing sphere knows the power of mobile in the modern customer experience, but not all strategists know how to execute an initiative that focuses on this vital component. An article from Marketing Profs highlighted
five keys to mastering the mobile experience, pointing brands in the right direction for launching a successful project. The article covers aspects from user-side content development to the role of comprehensive mobile design.

2. Marketing budgets get a big boost

With their sights set on deeper audience insights and top-notch customer experience, digital marketing teams are spending more than ever on technologies and professional services, according to an article from AdAge. The article pointed to a major study conducted by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, which revealed that brands intend to boost their
digital marketing budgets by 12.2 percent over the next year. This proves that aggressive and smart tech investments will be vital to achieve success in this evolving field. 

"One of the challenges CMOs face is using all this sophisticated information to drive decisions," said Christine Moorman, Senior Professor of Business Administration at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. "It's not just about getting the right data, but managing the processes and capabilities, and bringing marketing analytics into decision-making."

3. Customer experience explained 

The modern marketing landscape is peppered with jargon which, even to experienced strategists, may not always be clearly defined. In his article for Harvard Business Review, Group Product Manager at Financial Engines, Adam Richardson explores how
customer experience differs from user experience in its ability to, "Improve, delight, and expand in scope over time."

Richardson highlights the importance of integration across touchpoints, personalized messaging and the power of customer feedback in the development of a stellar customer experience stating that, “How do you tell if you’re moving your customer experience in the right direction? Customer feedback.”

4. Spotlight on digital transformation

Transitioning into the age of digital marketing has not been an easy road for retailers, and the majority of brands (64 percent) are still
undergoing a transformation, according to an IDC Retail report highlighted by eConsultancy. The article offers a fairly comprehensive guide for brands experiencing this evolution, urging decision-makers to leverage real-time data, streamline processes across channels and measure the customer experience with multiple touchpoints. 

5. Infographic of the month: Data Never Sleeps 3.0

Every 60 seconds, Uber passengers take 694 rides, Redditors cast 18,327 votes and Instagram users 'like' 1,736,111 photos. The generation and collection of consumer
data continues to skyrocket at a staggering rate, as revealed in an infographic by Domo. This impressive display of information shows how much data is created every minute, tracking statistics from popular services and channels across the Web.

6. iperceptions blog post of the month: 3 Tips to Maximize your Back-To-School Sales

For retailers, the back-to-school season presents major opportunities for revenue and new customer connections. With the National Retail Federation predicting nearly $75 billion in back-to-school period revenue this year, the stakes are high for brands to optimize the customer experience and make the most of the rush. To help decision-makers take full advantage of this high-spend season, Duff Anderson
pointed to three key factors that can ensure impressive results. 


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