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Customer Centric roundup: April 2015

by iperceptions, on Apr 29, 2015

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and that certainly poses challenges and opportunities for digital marketers as they keep up with the latest trends. One thing is clear that in 2015 the focus is on the customer experience like never before. To help you keep up to date, let's take a look at some of the customer experience stories we read in April.

Brands think they provide great customer experience but consumers disagree

According to a new report ‘The Consumer Conversation’ from Econsultancy and IBM, 70% of companies think they offer a good customer experience. But many brands might be prematurely celebrating the success of their customer experience initiatives. The report found that consumers that switched services in the last year did so for reasons companies should be able to prevent. Of the consumers that had a significant issue with their provider only 28% of them felt that the company dealt with the issue effectively. Furthermore, nearly one third of consumers that switched providers in the past 12 months cited experience related factors for their switch. This report demonstrates the importance of leveraging Voice of Customer data to understand how your customer experience initiatives are actually performing in your customers eyes.

Do we need a department of customer experience?

An article was posted on CMSWire in April that discussed the need for a radical rethinking of old organization structures. Simply put, businesses weren't designed to ensure customers have an optimal experience. CMSWire called for a revolution, suggesting that a Department of the Customer is required to meet consumer needs.

The stat of the month: A lack of understanding

An article on Econsultancy indicated that only 12 percent of companies described their customer experience understanding as "advanced." Without insights into this field, it will be impossible to improve any aspects of that experience. The good news is that Econsultancy also pointed out that data is the key to understand, as evidenced by 98 percent of businesses reporting that data was either critical or important in this regard.

Toys "R" Us bites back

In an era when individuals can purchase any product they desire from any device with an Internet connection, brick and mortar retailers need to fight back against e-commerce organizations. Forbes reported that Toys "R" Us, the popular toy merchant, plans to enact a new customer experience campaign centered on fun. Toys "R" Us is engaging children with playspaces and interactive technology, and catering to parents' demands by arming its staff with mobile devices.

Infographic of the month: Guide to mobile marketing

In an interesting infographic, Marketo stressed the importance of mobile as a customer engagement channel by citing a collection of interesting, surprising and valuable statistics.

[Infographic] A Marketer's Guide To Going Mobile

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