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Customer Experience

CEM Meets UX: The Perfect Marriage!

by iperceptions, on Sep 12, 2013


How can Usability and Customer Experience data converge to make for dramatic results? Simple. Customer Experience data provides unique research findings that express site visitors’ pain points in their own words. With a well-crafted survey driven by market research, this valuable verbatim can be segmented by user groups and further granularity can be achieved by filtering various aspects of the online experience (such as navigation and depth of content). These variables are strategically included in the survey as questions with pre-defined values.

The insights derived, constitute a powerful Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy, as it represents the roadmap given by your site visitors, in their own words.  Approaching the project of conducting a Usability audit can be a monumental task. The more intricate the site, the more complex the audit can be. The internet being the ecosystem that it is, users know the plethora of options available to them. So whether your site is geared for e-commerce, non-transactional, or in another vertical; CEM research can sift through the traffic and identify how its layout, design and interactivity are really accommodating its target audience.

This feedback is key in directing the Usability audit in such way that it guarantees a proper response to the needs of key users, rather than conducting a Usability study with a general objective. The cost for conducting an all-encompassing research study is considerable, time consuming and inefficient in terms of identifying the areas of need for your key audience.

By carrying out a UX study and knowing which areas, links and sections of the site need to be tackled, will optimize costs, thus maximizing your budget while providing timely solutions. This in turn will enhance site performance and strengthen your brand, by improving areas that your key users will appreciate, given it was their feedback that directed the changes. 


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