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Voice of the Customer

Building Better Data

by iperceptions, on May 29, 2013

When I started at iperceptions five years ago (an eternity in “internet time”), many of the conversations with both prospects and clients revolved around education. Few people knew what Voice of Customer (VoC) was, and fewer still were using it. 

Clients were ecstatic to review the data that we presented, as it gave them a novel and deeper understanding of their online traffic.

Change is the only constant when dealing with the internet, and the VoC space is no exception. After a few short years, the questions our clients were asking us had changed. “Tell me about my customers” evolved into the much more interesting, yet more complicated to answer: “Nice charts; so what?”

This sent us looking for other sources of data, more than what was available from VoC alone. We started leveraging our clients’ pre-existing relationships with various clickstream analytics vendors (i.e. Google Analytics), injecting our data into GA whilst incorporating GA variables into our own reporting. The results were intriguing and our clients again thrilled with the insight.

Though some would be content to stop here and digest what is already a massive data set, iperceptions strives to take the “Big Data” philosophy to the next level. Rather than creating some proprietary data format, or restricting the flow of information, we’ve embraced the open source ideals of sharing and collaboration.

We are busy injecting our VoC data into multiple clickstream databases, helping web analysts obtain a deeper understanding of their web traffic. We’re integrating with session replay providers like TeaLeaf, enabling users to easily identify which are the most import replays to view. We’re pushing experience metrics into CRM tools like SalesForce, helping sales staff with lead generating, account tracking and relationship management. Finally, we’re directly integrating with support tools, like LivePerson and Zendesk, to help identify and fix customer issues in real time.

There are too many initiatives on the market right now that concentrate on building big data. We don’t believe that building “big data” is sufficient. At iperceptions, we’re focusing on making “big data” better.

Image source: Sonny Abesamis


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