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Voice of the Customer

A key aspect of Voice of the Customer research you should not overlook

by iperceptions, on Jul 12, 2018

How you listen matters. Unfortunately, some might be overlooking this particular detail of their Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs, which could end up impacting just how successful their program is in providing the insights they need to improve their Customer Experience (CX).

In a world where CX is becoming increasingly scrutinized, the importance of collecting customer feedback to fuel your Customer Experience Management (CEM) efforts cannot be understated. It is a crucial first step for any organization wanting to inject more customer-centricity in their business decisions. 

However, there is an aspect of VoC that organizations may sometimes gloss over, despite its potential to have a significant impact on the quality of the feedback they get in return: the method you use to engage your customers for their feedback.

Lane Cochrane, Chief Innovation Officer at iperceptions, recently published an article in MyCustomer, “Customer feedback: How collection methods skew results”, which delves deeper into this topic. In this article, Lane offers food-for-thought for any customer-centric organization conducting VoC programs and how they should engage their customers for their feedback, depending on the CEM goals they are looking to accomplish. 

In addition to Lane’s article, be sure to check out our whitepaper, “Voice of the Customer Methodologies”, to learn about the different methods you can use to engage your customers for their feedback. Also, you will get the best practices for collecting feedback from your customers to help you meet your business objectives. Download it below!


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