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Ask for feedback. It can increase conversion!

by Duff Anderson, on Feb 26, 2014


One of the common misconceptions about on-arrival surveys is that it will negatively affect conversion.

At iperceptions, we have collaborated with many e-commerce clients to test if there is any impact on conversion while running an on-arrival survey. Our tests have showed that there is no significant negative impact on conversion. In fact, in some cases it showed an increase in conversion.

It’s all about how you ask…

The right way to get customer feedback is to be upfront and polite. Provide customers with a clear and easy way to opt out, and when they do, don’t immediately ask them for it again. Whether customers participate or not, an on-arrival survey builds integrity for your brand. It tells all of your customers that their opinion matters to you, regardless of whether they have the time to provide it or not. For more information on how to ask the right way, check out our blog post - Engage in the Moment of Truth for Actionable Insights.

Research also shows that listening to your customers:

Builds trust and loyalty

Everybody appreciates the opportunity to be heard whether they decide to give feedback or not. By engaging in an honest and transparent way you can build trust and loyalty with your visitors and in turn improve your brand image.

Increases conversion

We have helped a number of clients identify and remove barriers on their websites, which in turn has translated to significant increases in conversion. A great example of this is Intuit who, since using iperceptions and making changes based on customer feedback, has improved conversion by an average of 15 percent.To read the full case study click here.  

Creates engagement

By engaging with customers you can head off negative social media comments before they happen by creating a direct dialog with your customers.

There is a lot at risk by not listening to your customers. How can you remove barriers to conversion if you don’t know what the barriers are?  Listen to your actual customers. It doesn’t hurt, it helps!

Duff Anderson
Duff Anderson

Duff Anderson is a visionary in Voice of the Customer research with over 20 years’ experience.

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