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Meet Our New Text Analytics Solution Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

by iperceptions, on Aug 10, 2017

Open-ended feedback, also known as unstructured feedback, provides a glimpse into the minds of your customers like no other type of data can. It provides vital insight and context that you need to better track, understand, then improve your customer experience, which is crucial in order to improve your bottom line. However, staying on top of this feedback over time, let alone uncovering important emerging trends, can be difficult when you’re collecting an endless stream of responses.

That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of iper.text, our newest advanced text analytics solution!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the driving force behind the transformation of many industries, putting the power of machine learning to work to make our lives easier and more efficient. By combining this technology with our extensive experience in text analytics, iper.text helps to make your customer feedback more easily accessible and decipherable.

iperceptions' iper.text reporting features use natural language processing and machine learning to do the heavy lifting to continuously monitor, evaluate and organize your open-ended feedback. You can even connect your other sources of customer feedback, like social media streams and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and take full advantage of the features of iperceptions' iper.text.

In other words, spend more of your time finding ways to improve the customer experience, and less time sorting through your endless stream of customer feedback.

Here are just some of the ways iperceptions' iper.text helps you get more out of your open-ended feedback:


Sentiment analysis to easily sift through your feedback

iper.text automatically categorizes every single customer comment based on whether they highlight a problem, give praise, provide a suggestion, or simply raise a question.

 iPerceptions AI Text Analytics Sentiment Analysis


Priority ranking to quickly pinpoint the feedback that matters most to you

iper.text continuously recognizes the most spoken-about topics in your customer’s feedback and how often they are mentioned, and ranks them in terms of priority so you can view the feedback that requires your attention. Plus, you can see the type of customer who is most likely to provide this type of feedback.

iPerceptions AI Text Analytics Priority Ranking


Dashboards you can share to the right stakeholders in your company

View and manage dashboards that show only the insights and feedback that is most relevant to your business needs, and easily share them to the right colleagues so they can immediately see the feedback for themselves.

iPerceptions AI Text Analytics Dashboards


We understand the power that open-ended feedback can have on every aspect of your company. This is why we’re excited to offer you the ability to get even more out of the feedback you’re already collecting, whether it’s through your iperceptions research, or your many other sources of customer feedback.

iperceptions' iper.text is available now as an add-on to our Enterprise plan or as a stand-alone platform. If you are a current Enterprise user and would like to know more about iper.text, please reach to your dedicated iperceptions representative.

If you are new to iperceptions and would like to take a closer look at iperceptions' iper.text, or our entire suite of solutions, please fill out this form and an iperceptions representative will reach out to you to schedule a demo.


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