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Add Value to your Agency with Active Research

by iperceptions, on Sep 26, 2013


Agencies and consultants are often the go-to people for many successful online businesses because of their expertise, resourceful nature and speed to delivery. These attributes quickly turn into client expectations and demands as clients want to remain competitive and the best in their industry.  These expectations combined with a competitive agency environment make it tough to stand out and leave an impressionable mark in the mind of a client.

Even if you end up performing and going above and beyond the temptation for a client to try something new (aka another agency) and get the latest marketing trend (aka from another agency) is high.  So to counter this threat, regular engagement through value add-ons and demonstrated ROI becomes a key strategy.

One of the ways in which we see agencies keeping clients engaged is by adding value to their clients’ accounts in form of analytics, insights from customers, competitive intelligence and industry news.  Not only does this information provide a business pulse it can serve as a way in demonstrating ROI from work already performed by the agency and create demand for new work.

Stand out with innovative and statistically relevant analytical tools that answer the ‘why’ questions

Competitive intelligence, industry news and analytics provides a really good look into ‘what’ the market, brands and customers are doing. However, it does not always explain ‘why’ they are doing these things.  Without the ‘why’ we have to make educated guesses and conduct A/B testing to work through those assumptions.  To save time, agencies can ask consumers directly with a survey.  As avid digital marketers, we know that when we combine the ‘what’ with the ‘why’ powerful insights can be developed, especially if the ‘why’ data we collected is statistically relevant and gathered at a time when the consumer can truly articulate his or her experience.  This is where Active Research comes in!

Active Research is a 3 step process

Active Research is real-time data from customers in a structured, but optimally engaged, statistically significant study, where findings can be injected into key business areas for instantaneous use.  Essentially it is going to give you the answer to your ‘why’ questions. 

iperceptions likes to think of Active Research as 3 components: 1) Frameworks 2) Engagement 3) Intelligence.  Let’s look at these 3 parts:

  1. Frameworks: Frameworks create a common, structured approach to research –  An area of debate with your client can be over what is the best way to structure their research. You, the agency, have the expertise but normally you are caught between a rock and a hard place trying to please your client while trying to implement best practises. Proven frameworks leverage best practises and create commonality. They also allow for benchmarking and for you to speak the same research language across all departments involved in the study. 
  2. Engagement: Tactical to Strategic intelligence – Whether you are tactically collecting passive or representative data samples, and/or looking to strategically interact through different touch points - engaging visitors is key to get valid insights.  Engagement of visitors at the right time i.e. in the  ‘moment of truth’, leads to meaningful information and provides clear and valid insights that are statistically significant.
  3. Intelligence: Inject for real-time action – Working with the data collected on your clients’ projects is one of the most crucial aspects to create ongoing success.  One way to actively incorporate insights into your clients’ business is by injecting the information into other systems to turn intelligence direction into action.  For example, injecting the data directly into your client’s existing 3rd party tools such as Session Replay, web analytics, CMS systems and live support systems.

Active Research can add value to your client accounts, by giving agencies the insights they need to create strategies for their clients and providing clients with new ways in which they stand out from their competition.  In the coming blogs we will explore some more ways in which you can incorporate Active Research into your client projects.


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