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Customer Experience

9 iperceptions Blog Posts That Will Make You A Better CX Professional In 2016

by iperceptions, on Jan 6, 2016


Driving the customer experience is an ongoing challenge, and those leading the charge are in constant need of new information and inspiration to fuel their efforts.

Here is a look at nine iperceptions blog posts that will not only offer insight about the customer experience, but will also give CX leaders the knowledge necessary to follow through on their customer experience programs in 2016.

1. Is Customer Experience Just Another Buzzword?

There is certainly a lot of buzz surrounding the concept of the customer experience, but this blog post proves that there is more than enough evidence justifying the excitement.

For newcomers, as well as those who feel that they need a refresher on the importance of the customer experience, this is a must-read article that covers the topic's biggest talking points. Readers will come away knowing that CX is not just a buzzword - it's here to stay.

2. The Customer Experience Disconnect

Most CX strategists believe that they are delivering an exceptional experience to their customers, but data reveals that the average consumer wants more. To align their strategies with the demands of the modern customer, CX leaders must first focus on the voice of their customers in bridging the gap between customer expectations and realities. 

CX leaders should then explore the dynamics of their brand's customer lifecycle to understand how each interaction can be improved. This article offers insights that will help CX programs fulfill their potential and yield major results.

3. What CMOs Need To Know About The Customer Experience

The chief marketing officer is often the C-suite representative of a burgeoning CX strategy, as they tend to have the most insight into the customer-facing aspects of the brand. 

This blog serves as a primer for the CMO who has either chosen to take on a new CX initiative or is striving to meet the expectations placed on them by other executives.

Covering aspects such as customer experience champions and C-suite alliances, this article is a go-to resource for any marketing leader with a vision for CX improvement.

4. 5 Metrics Your CFO Can't Ignore About The Customer Experience

C-level conversations are often a no-nonsense affair, especially for CFOs who rarely take their eyes off the bottom line. That's why this blog offered some tips and statistics to help CX advocates frame the customer experience as a financial necessity moving forward.

By connecting customer experience to revenue, repeat purchases, sales and competitive differentiation, CX leaders can help financial decision-makers understand the importance of these initiatives, convincing them to invest with much more enthusiasm.

5. How To Get The C-Suite Behind Your Customer Experience Initiative

Introducing the topic of customer experience to the executive team is a daunting task for even the most persuasive advocates. This blog outlines exactly how to tackle this challenge.

The article covers how to frame the CX discussion with all the major C-Level players, including the CMO, CIO, CFO, VP of sales and, of course, the CEO. With stats and talking points to help explain why each member has a vested interest in the development of a CX plan, and how they should involve themselves in the process.

 6. 4 Ingredients of a Successful Customer Experience Program

Innovators may have an end goal in mind when it comes to revamping the customer experience but, without a practical game plan, their vision is far less likely to ever become a reality.

Through a combination of grassroots momentum, tech utilization and a sharp focus on the end result, this blog post will surely put your CX program on the right track.

7. 6 Facts You Need to Know About The Mobile Experience

The mobile phone has transformed the world. We are now connected like never before with smart phones becoming our main gateway to the internet and the world.

Shedding light on key aspects of the mobile experience - including search, omni-channel and voice of the customer - this article will be a powerful tool for those looking to capitalize on the mobile revolution.

8. Mobile App Marketing - A Great Experience Needed

Every brand seems to have an app these days, but only a select few are able to deliver an immersive and value-packed app experience to their customers.

CX leaders should make it their mission to rise to this upper echelon of app-based user experience. This blog article is a great place to start, explaining how companies should go about refining their app strategies to create the greatest possible customer experience. 

9. 6 Steps To A Customer-Centric Website Redesign

Brands cannot overlook the most central component of their digital customer experience: their website.

This article serves as a guide to help leaders evaluate their current website strategy and map out a plan to improve the digital customer experience. Even brands with a strong site should take a look and see how they can improve.


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