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Next Gen CX Summit 2016: 5 Sessions You Can’t Miss

by Duff Anderson, on Mar 2, 2016

Next Gen CX Summit

One of the must-attend customer experience conferences is the Next Generation Customer Experience Summit (NGCX) taking place from March 21 to 23 in Carlsbad, California. With three days to learn from thought leaders across the customer experience space and network with other innovators, attendees of the NGCX have a lot to look forward to.  

With so many workshops and learning opportunities on the table at this year's event, how should CX professionals prioritize their agendas at the NGCX? While attendees should craft their own experiences based on specializations and interests, here's a look at a few sessions that shouldn’t be missed:

Day 1 Keynote: Navigating the CX Improvement Journey

This keynote from Farmers Insurance Head of Enterprise Customer Experience Dexter Johnson is bound to be a major highlight. Johnson plans to cover how he has captained the Farmers Insurance CX improvement journey and will explain how to craft a strategy that will fit their organizations' needs.

This presentation will also touch on the importance of a strong customer-centric culture - an area that many companies need to focus on as CX becomes more critical than ever. Finally, Johnson will discuss the role of customer feedback and how to convert end-user opinions into meaningful resources for improvement. 

Day 2 Keynote: Using the Power of Storytelling to Create Emotionally Engaging Experiences

The opening keynote on the second day of NGCX will focus on the emotional element of the customer experience. Tim Genovese, VP of guest experience and brand consistency at Intercontinental Hotels Group, will explore this interdisciplinary topic in depth. In this session, he will aim to emphasize the value of storytelling in the context of the modern customer experience, and share a number of positive and negative case studies from the real world.  

Day 2 Panel: Customer Intelligence - How to Migrate It, Integrate It and Leverage It

For CX leaders who swear by the collection and utilization of customer data, this second-day afternoon panel is going to be packed with value. With insights from customer experience directors from Jaguar Land Rover North America, Fidelity Investments and Bonobos, attendees will learn how to properly harvest and manage customer information in a way that fuels engagement across all major CX touchpoints. 

Furthermore, the panel will explain how to best integrate data coming from various sources, and techniques to ensure that this information makes its way to the appropriate databases and teams. Most importantly, participants will discover how to act on this feedback in a fast and effective way, turning customer feedback and static data points into a strategy that truly improves the customer experience at all levels. 

Day 2 Innovation Spotlight: Customer Experience is the New Marketing

Shameless plug - I will be speaking at NGCX about how to re-engineer your CX program to evolve from decision support to automatic recognition and personalization of the customer experience.

Those eager to master the customer experience in the era of the empowered customer should definitely attend my session and see how to make the most of their CX analytics and drive real-time action.  

Day 3 Keynote: Creating a Differentiated and Relevant Customer Experience Enabled by Emergent Technology

The customer experience plays a central role in nearly every industry these days, but in the world of travel and hospitality, a top-notch CX is an absolute necessity. In this third-day keynote speech, Red Lion Hotels Corporation EVP and Chief Marketing Officer Bill Linehan will be sharing how he navigates the new world of high customer expectations and changing consumer behaviors. Most importantly, he'll identify the key success factors for his market-leading company.   

Linehan will dive into topics such as the benefits of no-point loyalty programs and the technology behind a behavior-driven CX improvement strategy. He'll also share tips on how to embrace the changing environment of consumer behavior and teach listeners how to use this to their advantage. The lessons in this speech will offer value for all in attendance. 

Get ready

There's clearly a lot to get excited about at this year's NGCX, and these key sessions are only the tip of the iceberg of what to expect.  


This post was updated on January 21, 2019

Duff Anderson
Duff Anderson

Duff Anderson is a visionary in Voice of the Customer research with over 20 years’ experience.

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