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5 Adobe Summit Sessions You Need To Attend

by iperceptions, on Mar 17, 2016


Adobe Summit 2016 is nearly here: Las Vegas will soon be packed with thousands of the world's most innovative marketers, advertisers and customer experience experts. But with such a huge variety of compelling sessions and workshops to attend, the sheer scope of the event can be overwhelming.

While everyone will be lining up to see George Clooney and Donny Osmond speak on the art and science of digital change at the Wednesday general session, it's up to attendees to choose how to spend the following days.

To point you in the right direction, let's look at a few sessions that you should attend at this year's Adobe Summit.


The future of brand is experience

CX innovators have heard it countless times before: customer experience is the competitive battleground of the next generation. In this session, best-selling Author Brian Solis will dive into detail about his latest book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, and craft a new conception of branding in the digital age.

Solis will explore how the experience will determine the overall impact and popularity of brands in the near future, and offer some tips on how to build trust with customers through certain design elements. This session will offer the perfect blend of theory and practice for brand-focused CX leaders.


Mobile executives tell the truth: Does mobile-first work?

With so much emphasis on the mobile experience, it's only natural that CX leaders would prioritize this when crafting their new strategies. But this thought leadership session will challenge some of the notions associated with the mobile experience, highlighting what it really takes to craft a mobile strategy conducive to success.

Executives from Adobe, The Home Depot and Alex and Ani will go over the key elements of a mobile strategy, including best practices for people, processes and technology. As always, attendees will get the inside scoop with case studies that map out exactly how these major brands take on the mobile arena.


Marketing in the modern "attention" economy: The Dell Way

Tracking return on investment remains one of the biggest marketing challenges. Even in today’s data driven world it can still be difficult to determine marketing effectiveness. This is the theme of a Dell case study session which will explore how the tech giant created an intelligent marketing ecosystem that truly delivers.

The session will detail the steps Dell took to create stronger, more personalized interactions with customers across channels. Also it will look at how Dell incorporated feedback throughout the entire customer experience and aligned marketing and sales with the data discovered across the board. This is a comprehensive case study that no digital experience manager can miss.


Ask the experts: Is your brand experienced?

Marketers are quickly realizing that customer experience is becoming inseparable from the idea of the brand. Never before has the brand, customer experience and marketing been so closely intertwined.

In this general audience session, marketing heavyweights from the 56 Group, ERDM Corp and Gilt Groupe will guide attendees through the ideal CX strategy, and the rewards that can be reaped when process design is done right. Human data will also be a topic of discussion, as the most powerful customer experiences make individuals feel that they are one of a kind.


Programmatic display: Get the most out of your data with today's technology

With so many advertising options to choose from, marketers need to be sure they select the most effective avenue to boost brand awareness and maximize engagement. This session will explore the latest advancements in programmatic technology, and show attendees how they can make the most of their data assets in display campaigns. 

Fueled by thought leadership from directors at Adobe, Chegg, Redbox and eHealth, this will be a can't miss event for anyone interested in improving their digital advertising capabilities. Also for more information about how iPerceptions is empowering digital marketers to create more relevant promgrammatic campaigns by aligning content and bidding strategies to visitors’ stated intent click here
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