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Voice of the Customer

3 tips on how to spark a conversation with your customers

by iperceptions, on Mar 17, 2015


We are living in the age of the customer. According to Forrester, “Technology-empowered customers now know more than you do about your products and services, your pricing, and your reputation. Technology has tipped the balance in favor of the customer.” This means the only way for companies to remain competitive in today’s customer driven world is to keep pace with their customers’ intent, needs and motivations. This starts by engaging your visitors at the moment of truth and striking up a conversation with them. One of the most effective conversation starters is to ask visitors for their feedback. By asking for feedback you discover what your visitors like, what makes them tick, what frustrates them and how you could improve their experience. It’s essential to realize that collecting customer feedback is not about fixing problems, it’s about building relationships. 

Below are three crucial tips to consider when engaging with your customers.

1. Asking for feedback is part of the brand experience

Starting a digital conversation with your customers is similar to a real-life conversation. People are more willing to engage with someone that they know and trust. This is true when it comes to collecting customer feedback. Asking for feedback is an extension of the brand experience so it’s essential that your visitors understand that they are engaging with you. That’s why we recommend customizing your research to match your brand experience. iperceptions’ feedback experience puts your brand front and center so your customers know that you care about their experience. 

2. Respect that not every customer will leave feedback

Not all of your customers will want to leave their feedback, so you shouldn’t force it. When engaging with visitors for their feedback you need to be honest, sincere and have a clear opt out option. Once a visitor opts out, it is equally important to respect their decision and avoid engaging them again with multiple requests. By asking customers on arrival to give feedback at the end of their visit and having a clear opt-out mechanism, iperceptions makes sure the customers that want to engage with you are given that opportunity. While the customers that decide not to leave their feedback are at least aware that you care about the customer experience.

3. Be responsive to your visitor’s device

iPerceptions mobile, tablet and desktop survey collection interfaceIn today’s multi-screen world, one of the most important aspects of collecting customer feedback is to ensure you provide a seamless feedback experience across devices. Whether it is on their Samsung S5, iPad mini or work PC, it is essential that the survey look and feel is responsive to your customers’ devices. That’s why we have worked hard to create the most sleek and responsive survey interface that delights your customers and drives more insights. Its intuitive design puts the user experience at the forefront providing the best feedback experience across desktop, tablet, mobile and in-app.

It’s time to start the engaging with your visitors

Brad Rencher, SVP and GM of Adobe Marketing Cloud said it well, “The new digital reality is that the customer experience is the brand of your organization”.  It’s important to remember, that this is true of your feedback solution.

To see how iperceptions prioritizes and respects your brand experience, take 30 seconds to see how an iperceptions’ survey would look on your website - click here to start your demo

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