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Voice of the Customer

3 Easy Steps to Build a Great Survey

by iperceptions, on Aug 13, 2013


Trying to perform a research project and not getting many responses or the quality of responses is poor? It could be your questionnaire is the cause of your woes. If you follow these three steps, you can guarantee yourself a better survey response rate and an increase in response quality. 

1) Keep your survey short by limiting the number of research questions you ask. If you have extensive research needs (i.e. many questions you need insight on), do it over multiple surveys, and target a different pool of people each time. You can also keep surveys short by using hidden questions that automatically gather research information pertaining to your respondent without using up their time. 

Standard hidden question in every iPerceptions survey

Standard hidden question in every iperceptions survey

2) In addition to keeping your survey short also keep the questions short. In today’s society distractions are aplenty, and a respondent will either leave your survey if they get daunted or bored with the experience, or they will simply start answering without fully reading the question. Keep in mind that making a question short also includes ensuring that the answer set is short as well.

3) Having concise questions is not enough, the questions have to also be kept interesting and stimulating. Try to garner your answers by using different types of questions if possible, otherwise use a different format if asking a similar question. For example if asking a respondent to provide a rating, instead of using the classic option buttons for the rating scale, try to use a slider bar instead.

Classic options for rating scale

Classic options for rating scale

Slider bar for rating scale

Slider bar for rating scale

By following the above steps of limiting the questions in a survey while keeping them short and interesting will ensure against respondent fatigue and poor responses in your survey. Thus providing your research with a higher sampling completion level with responses that you can trust. 


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