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Look what iPerceptions can do for your business


See What They Do, Hear What They Say

Just add Google Analytics, so you can see your customers’ feedback next to what they are actually doing on your website. When you integrate Google Analytics with iPerceptions' powerful reporting tools, you create reports and analyze with the benefit of Google Analytics data.

Research Rewind

Replay individual customer sessions to gain greater insight. Just pull your Tealeaf session replay data with iPerceptions. Tealeaf integration is easy with iPerceptions. Learn More >

Custom Integration

At iPerceptions, we can perform seamless integrations with Omniture, Coremetrics and other solutions to analyze all your data at a glance. This way, you can pull behavioral metrics into your iPerceptions analytic tools to better understand site behavior and identify key market opportunities. Best of all, you can see the value of acting on the Voice of your Customer – both in your ROI and your customer experience. Learn More >

Flexible Data Export

Export your survey data to Excel, CSV and XML for further analysis or combine it with other systems. We can even export it to SPSS. Just contact us.