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Look what iPerceptions can do for your business


Real-Time Performance, At a Glance

It’s all here on your iPerceptions dashboard. Log in for an overview of the all the key metrics you need, including Task Completion and Overall Satisfaction. Find out how your website is performing in real time, anytime.

Monitor Metrics That Matter Most

Take a closer look at your customers’ website interactions. With iPerceptions you can monitor and highlight the significant aspects of your website experience.

Report Back to the Team with Scheduled Reports

Make sure the people in your company never miss key research insights. Schedule automatic research reports to anyone you choose.

Survey Statistics Snapshots

Check in on your survey with iPerceptions’ survey statistics. Each snapshot shows you how many respondents completed your survey, started it, and the average time it took to complete it.

Follow the Trends

Dig down deep into your data and see the key trends over time by Overall Experience and Task Completion. Also, see which areas you need to improve to increase Task Completion and the Overall Experience.

Analyze Easily with Descriptive Statistics

Display all your survey results in easy-to-understand graphs and charts, so you can effortlessly sort, bookmark and disseminate the results of your survey.

Prioritize with Precision

See where you need to take action and what to prioritize with iPerceptions’ grids. Each easy-to-understand grid outlines the different iPSI dimensions by their influence and significance on the Overall Experience. Only available with iPSI Experience Framework.

Zoom in on Key Customer Comments

Open text responses from customers present a treasure chest of insight for companies. With so many product ideas, tactical issues and general feedback to read, extracting main concepts to prioritize is overwhelming. That’s where the iPerceptions’ Concept Cloud and Word Cloud come in. By quickly pinpointing key concepts in open text responses, the Concept Cloud and Word Cloud report the most pertinent topics, so you can respond quickly to the issues that matter most to your customers.

Benchmark the Spot

iPerceptions offers the world’s largest visitor experience benchmark, so you can accurately compare your performance within your industry based exclusively on real visitor data.

See Results from Every Angle with BI Reporting

Advanced business intelligence reporting highlights every facet of your research results. This powerful reporting tool enables you to combine, analyze and act on a mix of quantitative data and qualitative feedback. Learn More >