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One platform, a whole world of research


  • Beautiful Dashboard, Powerful reporting  

  • Always on, always up-to-date, from anywhere  

  • Comment Cards Your Customers Will Click With  

  • Online in Minutes, Off the Charts Results  

  • Custom Surveys: Designed by You, Deployed by Us  


Video Tour

Look under the bonnet and see how our Active Research platform works. From designing your survey all the way to analyzing your results, our platform makes it easy to do research.


Product Tour

Customize the Look and Feel

Make sure your surveys and Comment Cards reflect the brand your customers trust – yours. Choose from various design templates to personalize with your logo and unique brand identity. Read more >

Ask the Right Questions

Easily design your surveys through our Survey Creation Wizard. Or, just do it yourself and edit it in a snap through our survey question setup. With this handy, user-friendly interface, you can create relevant surveys. Read more >

We Speak 32 Languages

Every voice is important. So whatever language your customers speak, you can collect their feedback. Choose to have your survey appear in over 32 languages. Read more >

Research Options Abound

Get the research you want, when you want it. iPerceptions offers options for every research need and budget. For experienced survey design and benchmarking capabilities, create iPerceptions Certified Surveys based on frameworks. Read more >


Product features

With iPerceptions Active Research Platform, you have all the tools you need to do the research you want. With multiple touch points, Comment Cards and iPerceptions Certified Surveys with benchmarking capabilities, you can take action on your customers' insights.


Standard Features

iPerceptions Certified and Custom Surveys and Comment Cards are all packed full of standard features, making it easier and faster to do advanced and targeted marketing research from skip logic to multiple invitation types.

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Certified Surveys

Developed from proven methodologies and frameworks created by our global research team, iPerceptions’ Certified Surveys feature benchmarking benefits and much more.

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Custom Surveys

The freedom to write your own survey and take advantage of the powerful iPerceptions platform to conduct the research you want.

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Comment Cards

Solicit feedback from your customers in their own words and show customers you care while protecting your brand at the same time.

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Touch Points

Don’t limit your research, you can engage with customers on all platforms and touch points and get a comprehensive view of your customer experience.

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Reporting and Analysis

Our dynamic reporting tools pack powerful capabilities to look at the research data from many different angles to draw out actionable solutions.

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