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Meeting Customers Wherever They Go

Touch points

Your customers experience your brand through multiple touch points. So it’s essential to engage with customers at all touch points and have a 360° view of the customer experience.

At iPerceptions, we provide a comprehensive view of your customer experience – on their phones, tablets and laptops. With the iPerceptions dashboard, you see your customer experience from all perspectives, all in one place.

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To get to the heart of the e-commerce customer experience, iPerceptions surveys provide proven solicitation methods to keep invitation rates low but response rates high. 
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At iPerceptions, we designed the industry’s first survey solution for mobile optimized websites that invites users to take a survey at the end of their visit.
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iPerceptions offers optimized surveys just for the tablet environment. So whether your customers are on their iPads, Nexus 7 or Windows RT, your survey will stand out.
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