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Know Your Customer, Grow Your Business

Standard Features


It’s that simple. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, when you see your business through your customers’ eyes, you can’t help but improve.

At iPerceptions, we know how to engage with your customers. We know how to ask the questions they want to answer. But even more importantly, we know how to take those answers and inject them into business processes to boost your bottom line.

Driven by global research thought-leaders with decades of market research experience, iPerceptions brings you our Active Research Platform. Unparalleled in the industry for a reason, it works.

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No Limits to Know

More responses means more customer insights, so iPerceptions keeps them coming with no limits on the number of survey or Comment Card responses, and you will be able to analyze every single one. So you get the most out of your research investment.

Keep data safe

Collecting sensitive information on a secure site just got easy. iPerceptions can encrypt the transferred data for that extra layer of security you need.

Multiple Users, Singular Success

Share the value and insight you can get from iPerceptions. With our platform, multiple individual users receive automatic updates. Just configure the roles and permissions of each user and start spreading the learning across your organization.


Zoom in on Customer Segments

Are your customers experiencing technical problems in the West? Does your site load slowly on certain browsers? Just ask iPerceptions. Our unique platform collects the location, IP address, operating system, browser type and version for each survey respondent. So you can analyze your data for the answers you need now.

Listening in 32 Languages

Every voice matters. No matter what language they speak. That’s why iPerceptions collects responses in the languages that matter most – your customers.

Your Brand of Research

Let customers know that the company they trust is taking action on their feedback. Customize your surveys and Comment Cards to reflect your brand. Add your logo. Choose from various design templates. Make all your research tools look and feel like a seamless extension of your brand experience.


Control the Guest List

Which customers already took the survey? Did they accept or decline? iPerceptions keeps track of it all for you. Using simple invitation cookies, you can control the percentage of customers to invite and when to re-invite them (generally after 90 days). You can even adjust where the survey invitation appears, on your customers’mobile, tablets and desktops. This freedom helps you manage your customer relationship while gathering valuable feedback.

Instant Installation

Don’t wait. Go live with your customer survey and Comment Cards whenever you’re ready. Just input a simple JavaScript code into your website and that’s it. Now you can control all the research functionality through the easy-to-use iPerceptions platform.

Open & Close with

Customize your ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank You’ pages shown at the beginning and end of your survey. Draft the messages, adding images and links to your Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, blog and RSS feed. Even customize your invitation to match your website’s color and visual identity. This seamless integration of iPerceptions research reflects your brand at every point.

The Right Invite

Asking customers for their feedback requires a delicate approach. That’s why iPerceptions offers different invitation options. Choose from any of the following:

Layered Invitation

Residing on top of any web page, the layered invitation makes it easy for customers to recognize the content of the page underneath. So successful that we feature it on our own homepage. See the layered invitation in action anytime at iPerceptions.

Discreet Invitation

This small pop-up on the right side of the screen invites customers to take a survey.

Redirected Invitation

This method re-directs customers to another page where they are invited to take the survey.

How to Ask

Craft the ultimate survey questions for your customers. iPerceptions leads the way with various question types that yield the most candid insights.


Customers may only choose one answer from the answer list provided. You may customize the answer list, choose to randomize the answer order and modify the number of columns in which the answers may appear.


Similar to single-select questions, multi-select questions allow your customers to choose one or more answers from the provided answer list.


Customers rank a given concept on a scale. You can select from our ranking presets “from 1-10” or “dislike – like”, or you can create your own.

Set of Ratings

Question type that allows the respondent to assign a rating or score to one or more items in a list. For example, the respondent is presented a list of 8 movies and asked to score each of them on a 0 (bad) to 10 (excellent) scale. Customers rank each item in a question with several choices.


Customers are provided a text-entry box in which they can provide an answer in free text. These text responses offer valuable insights into your customers’ individual opinion about any subject you choose. And with iPerceptions’ sophisticated text mining tools at your service, these responses get analyzed for you too.

Small Surveys, Big Results

Make shorter, more relevant surveys with iPerceptions' advanced question logic. Tailor your surveys using these effective research tools.

Skip Logic

Keep customers engaged in your survey. Skip Logic allows you to send them to a future point or straight to the end of the survey. This advanced logic provides you with total control and helps meet your customer’s needs.

Tag Piping

Enables you to carry text from one question to the next depending on the options selected by the customer.

Learn more about survey design from our research experts at the iPerceptions blog.