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Reporting & Analysis


Presenting real-time research that’s easy to understand and disseminate through the company – that’swhat we do at iPerceptions. Our dynamic reporting tools pack powerful capabilities to look at theresearch data from many different angles to draw out actionable solutions.

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Real Time Analysis

View and analyze your survey results in real time so you can make right business decisions.

KPI Dashboard

An overview of how your website is performing by showing the Task Completion and Overall Satisfaction of your website visitors over any period of time. By tracking your results and listening to your customers, you can anticipate and react to issues before they impact your bottom line.

Survey Statistics

An instant snapshot of how many respondents have completed your survey, started your survey and the average time it takes most respondents to complete your survey.

Graphical Representation & Charting

Data is represented graphical with the ability to customize your pie charts and bar charts. So you can quickly grasp and zoom in on critical information or pertinent trends.

Comment Categorization, Filtering and Flagging

Create custom categories and apply them to different comments, so you know which comments to act on, respond to and consider at for future improvements. Also you can filter and sort the answers respondents give in your survey. Flag active comments, then sort by different flag types to help prioritize your comments.

PDF Printing Ability

Put your research data to work by sharing it with the appropriate people in your organization. Proven to improve efficiency, disseminating to key personnel can actually boost your research ROI. Just save your dashboard and different charts to PDF files to distribute to your team.

Further analysis by exporting your data

Export your survey data to Excel, CSV and XML for further analysis or combine it with other systems. If you would like to export to SPSS just give us a call.

Comparative Benchmarking

iPerceptions offers benchmarking based exclusively on real visitors. As the world’s largest visitor experience benchmark in the world, we make it easy to accurately compare your performance within your industry. With iPerceptions, you can quickly improve in areas that need it the most so you can stay ahead of the competition. Learn More >

Never miss key insights

Easily disseminate key research data throughout your company. Automatically release scheduled reports to any people you choose. You can even create reports of all your respondents open-ended question comments to glean insights your whole team can act on.

Dive into your comments

Open text responses from customers present a treasure chest of insight for companies. With so many product ideas and general feedback to read, extracting main concepts to prioritize is overwhelming. That’s where Concept Cloud and Word Cloud come in. By quickly pin pointing key concepts in open text responses, Concept Cloud and Word Cloud graphically depict the most pertinent topics on your customers’ mind. So you can respond quickly to the issues that matter most to them.

Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting

What do customers do online and why they do it? To get the heart of your customer experience, iPerceptions features the ultimate tool to combine, analyze and act on quantitative data and qualitative feedback. The solution is Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting. The result is an improved experience for your customers. Learn More >

Easily integrate with Google Analytics

Push iPerceptions VoC data into Google Analytics to compare what your customers say to what they actually do on your website. This seamless integration also makes it easy to create reports and analyze with the benefits of Google Analytics data.


Seamlessly integration Tealeaf

Gain greater insights into individual customer behavior. See why a customer didn’t finish a task. Learn the purpose of the visit. See suggestions and product recommendations all in your customer’s own words. Tealeaf makes it all possible. Just integrate your Tealeaf session replay data with iPerceptions to get immediate visibility into the sessions of targeted visitors. That’s it. This integrated easy-to-use dashboard zooms in on the intentions and experience that drives your business. Learn More >