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Survey Says: Benchmarking Matters

iPerceptions Certified Surveys

iPerceptions Certified Surveys


With over 10 years of experience in Voice of Customer (VoC) and market research, iPerceptions delivers customer insights, one survey at a time.

Developed from proven methodologies and frameworks developed by our global research team, iPerceptions’ Certified Surveys feature benchmarking benefits and much more.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

How does your business stack up against your top competitors? With built-in real-time benchmarking capabilities, iPerceptions Certified Surveys make it easy to see how your business compares to the industry at large.

10 Years in of Research in Every Survey

iPerceptions Certified Survey are not templates. Each survey design stems from over 10 years of tested research for some of our top Fortune 500 clients. So when you run an iPerceptions Certified Survey, you don’t get guesswork. You get a refined approach that delivers insight and action every time.  

Live in Minutes, Not Weeks

High quality research doesn’t have to take weeks, thanks to the Survey Creation Wizard and Preset Studies.  iPerceptions Certified Surveys can be up and running in minutes.


Run many iPerceptions Certified Surveys, All at Once

Are your customers experiencing technical problems in the West? Does your site load slowly on certain browsers? Just ask iPerceptions. Our unique platform collects the location, IP address, operating system, browser type and version for each survey respondent. So you can analyze your data for the answers you need now.

Access to 4Q™ Task Completion Framework

Put the power of industry’s premier research engine to work for your business. Based on the highly acclaimed 4Q Survey, this sophisticated solution delivers the voice of your customer in an efficient, three-part process. It evaluates the online experience, measures customer satisfaction and then quickly identify areas of improvement. Learn More >

Access to iPSI™ Experience and Satisfaction Framework

There’s a reason so many Fortune 500 companies trust the sophisticated iPSI Experience Framework. The leading measurement solution for assessing the complete online experience, iPSI features experience data from over ten million real website visitors across multiple industries. The results: an innovative perceptual framework built on actual research. Learn More >

Access to multiple Best Practice Question Set

To make it easier to do your research, iPerceptions developed a collection of ‘best practice’ question sets which have benchmark capabilities. These include;

Demographics Question set

A collection of ‘best practice’ demographic questions that can help you understand the individual characteristics of your customers

Outcomes Question Set

A collection of ‘best practice’ outcome questions to better understand what your customers will do next

Open Ended Question Set

A collection of ‘best practice’ open ended questions that allows you to obtain feedback from your customers in their own words

Add your own questions to your research

You can ask additional questions (the number varies with each plan) to each iPerceptions Certified Survey. This gives you the ability to customize your research and include standardized company research questions or add questions to address a specific research issue.

Survey Creation Wizard

Creating the ultimate customer survey just got easy. Thanks to the iPerceptions’ Survey Creation Wizard, you get an experienced guide through every aspect of the survey experience. From custom design to launch, just follow along to select question styles such as drop-down answers, multiple choice or open text. Pick fonts, add logos, create a survey that reflects the look and feel of your brand. Built by our research experts with decades of survey expertise, the Survey Creation Wizard designs a one-of-a-kind survey to capture the voice of your customers.

Preset Studies

Understanding your customer is critical to your success. That’s why iPerceptions offers fast, affordable solutions to get your quality research initiative started. Thanks to preset studies, what once took days and cost thousands, is now only a few clicks away. Just choose from various research studies compiled by iPerceptions. From industry specific research, to evaluating the customer experience, and many more, preset studies offer just one more way to make the most of your research investment.