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Custom Surveys



Sometimes you need to do your own research. Maybe you need answers to a specific business problem or want to run a quick employee survey.

iPerceptions makes it easy to write your own survey with any questions you like and analyze all the data right here where all your research work is done.

iPerceptions offers you complete control and do the research you need, when you need it.

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All Your Research, All in One Place

By having the data from your Custom Surveys and iPerceptions Certified Surveys in the same place you can analyze the data together and compare results. It adds just one more dimension to your rich research analysis initiative.

Write All Your Own Questions

Get answers to all your questions. You have complete control. Write every question. Choose the order in which they appear. Even the select question type. It’s custom surveys!

Target a Specific Audience

Launch your own research anywhere for any audience. With the ability to send the survey link via email or embedded into your website or intranet, it’s easy to target just the employees or customers you want.


Run Multiple Custom Surveys Simultaneously

Launch different custom surveys at the same time. Depending on your plan, iPerceptions can run and collect data on a number of different surveys all at need now.

Custom Questions

Write your questions anyway you want. You have complete freedom over what you write and you still have access to all the different question types including; single select, multi select, open-end.

Web Link/Email Invitation

A basic website hyperlink takes respondents to your survey. A single click sends them a survey via email, facebook , etc.

Survey Embed

Help keep your survey respondents on your website. Embed your survey within your website with a simple iFrame script.

The Custom Survey is available with a PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE plan.