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The PROFESSIONAL plan expands your customer understanding and refines your strategies to improve your customer experience.  Maximize your Voice of Customer insights by seamlessly integrating your session replay data into iPerceptions Active Research™ Platform. Get the most out of your research investment by leveraging our expertise for a turn-key solution.

PROFESSIONAL is for you if…

You work for a medium to large organization that wants a complete Voice of Customer solution. The Professional Plan harnesses the power of our frameworks to deliver the most precise customer feedback possible. Get closer to your customers than ever before with the iPerceptions Professional Plan.

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Experience Tracking & Optimization

Powered by the iPSI Experience Framework, measure the complete digital experience and prioritize optimization initiatives according to ROI benefit. Evaluate the customer experience from a granular level for in-depth insight.

Clicktale Injection API

Take Clicktale Session Replay to the next level by enhancing the visibility of the online customer experience with VoC insights to understand visitors’ intentions, motivations and experiences. Maximize conversion by understanding customers’ actual intentions. Reduce maintenance costs by prioritizing issues according to customer feedback.

Expert Training and Analysis

Leverage our industry experts. iPerceptions is the industry’s foremost thought-leader, driving research innovation one client at a time. From trusted market leaders from Nielsen and Ipsos, to research scholars from around the globe, the iPerceptions Professional Services team puts advanced degrees and decades of experience to work on your bottom-line. Since 1999, the iPerceptions team has successfully implemented thousands of client projects.

Main features

  • Customizable Thank You Pages
  • Live On-Boarding & Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Analyst