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The iPerceptions FREE Plan provides the essential tools to conduct Active Research™.  With the FREE plan identify key areas of website improvement. Take action on user feedback to optimize the user experience and your website. See what the voice of your customer can do for your business.

FREE is for you if…

You work for a small organization or run you own website or blog.

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4Q Task Completion Research

Created in collaboration with Avinash Kaushik (‘4 questions that no website owner can live without’), this simple but powerful framework is a customer focused solution for visitor experience tracking and web optimization. Gain a better understanding of why your visitors are coming to your site.

Desktop Web Collection

Engage with your visitors in the ‘Moment of Truth’ on your website using our unique intercept technology for the desktop environment. iPerceptions uses a pre-post methodology, where visitors are invited at the beginning of their visit to take a survey at the end of their visit.


Google Analytics Injection API

Connect visitor feedback with visitor behavior. Inject key insights from iPerceptions into your Google Analytics. Segment behavior by group for advanced insight.


KPI Dashboard

Real-time intelligence focused on your KPIs to provide actionable insights. By tracking your results and listening to your customers, anticipate and react to issues before they impact your bottom line.



Main features

  • Unlimited Data Collection, Access and Analysis
  • 32 Supported Languages
  • Custom Questions
  • Add Your Own Logo