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Documentation on the methodology, technology, and metrics that put iPerceptions at the cutting edge of Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics.



Ten Tips for Making Websites Stickier

The key to keeping customers on your website starts with understanding the reasons why they abandon and then developing effective responses to keep them engaged. Supported by insights from iPerceptions and Peppers & Rogers Group, this 1to1 Tips & Takeaways paper offers valuable insights on how to make the online customer experience more engaging.

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The iPerceptions Satisfaction Index

At the forefront of iPerceptions’ ongoing initiative to democratize the voice of the online customer is the iPerceptions Satisfaction Index. Building on a robust research pedigree and leveraging a best-of-breed approach to quantifying qualitative data, the iPSI is the first satisfaction metric designed exclusively for the web.

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We Know What you did Last Summer- But We Don’t Know Why

Learn more about the science behind online satisfaction metrics. We Know What you did Last Summer- But We Don’t Know Why, a white paper sponsored by iPerceptions and written by industry leader Jim Sterne, is an essential read.

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What are the Right Web Customer Experience Metrics

Good website customer experience metrics fulfill two purposes: tracking site experience quality and pointing to opportunities for improvement. Customer experience professionals need three types of metrics to support their efforts: measures of how customers perceive their visits to the site, events that signal potential problems even if customers don’t complain, and data about what customers do after the visit that can help show how experience quality affects future business. Customer experience professionals can use Forrester’s website customer experience metrics inventory worksheet to take stock of their existing metrics and — if necessary — close any gaps in their measurement system.

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