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Time-Tested Methods for Success Every Time


Like no other research organization, iPerceptions pioneers new methodologies to bring you closer to your customers’ wants and needs. 

For over a decade, our breakthrough advancements have driven progress in the research industry at large.


Here’s a look at just some of the innovations available on our Active Research Platform today.


  • Pre-post invitation intercept methodology – From the initial invitation on entry to the post-visit survey, iPerceptions methodology captures a representative sample with strong response rates. 


  • iPSI Experience Framework – iPSI is the leading measurement tool designed to assess the complete online experience and determine strengths, weaknesses and experience design priorities.


  • 4Q Task Completion Framework – Developed in conjunction with Avinash Kaushik, 4Q is one the simplest and most succinct frameworks available to evaluate overall experience, visitor intent, key tasks, success rates, and areas of improvement.


  • Mobile intercept technology – iPerceptions introduced the industry’s first intercept solution to bring the same power of Voice of Customer research to mobile and tablet users.