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Inside Active Research

Discover the power of Active Research to empower your business

How it works

The future is here with Active Research. See what it can do for your business.


1. Engage with your customers

How you listen matters….Using intercept technologies on multiple touch points, including desktop, mobile and tablet, iPerceptions makes it easy for you to engage with all your customers no matter how they interact with your brand. Through conducting a survey (representative, for research) or running Comment Cards (user initiated, for optimization) you reach your customers from all angles.


2. Capture VoC with In-Built Research Frameworks

Getting feedback from your customers must be easy for you and your customers. iPerceptions offers the most user friendly respondent interfaces available. So your customers will enjoy giving feedback from no-click scrolling to easy-to-answer matrix questions. But behind the scenes, the research is structured scientifically in order to ensure the reliability of the results and maximize the insight gain. It’s all possible thanks to the iPerceptions’ iPSI Experience Framework and 4Q Task Completion Framework.


3. Take Action on your VoC Results

You have your insights. Now it’s time to take action. Draw out actionable directives, via a dashboard and schedule reporting. Or for more direct action, just inject the insights into other tools such as Google Analytics or your CMS or CRM. Either way, it’s mutually beneficial to your business and your customer.


Look under the hood of iPerceptions’ Active Research Platform and explore all the features.

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