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Goals and strategies

At iPerceptions we want to expand your research so you can meet all your objectives and strategies and drive the future behavior of your customers. With iPerceptions, you can:

  • Measure User Intent and track Task Completion (4Q Framework), the first critical component to optimizing the interaction between you and your customer. Set targets to clear customer barriers that reduce costs and recover missed revenue.
  • Perform Experience and Satisfaction Tracking across customer touch points. Set performance objectives for key outcome drivers and measure the effectiveness of initiatives and programs. Then benchmark against the market to set goals.
  • Monitor your key client Segments and measure performance by segment based on segment plans and activities.
  • Create, measure, and refine Acquisition programs. Monitor the traffic sources of your convertible channels to better align resources. Refine attribution of online and offline activities to optimize investments. Measure funnel activity and create more targeted follow up activities.
  • Evaluate the impact on Purchase Intent to better understand the influence of customer programs and marketing activity along the customer journey. Elevate beyond conversion metrics to better evaluate impact and future ROI from your investments.
  • Build touch point specific feedback posts for client Retention and Churn Prevention. Uncover client issues while you can still react. Integrate seamlessly into sales processes for immediate action. Build individual and segment level solutions and monitor progress.
  • Assess Visitor Engagement - deep dive into both the behavioral and experiential side of your customers' engagement. Enhance your understanding of engagement to better align content, cross promote content, develop and promote tools and drive advocacy.
  • Build Personas to execute customer programs and marketing activity. Track performance and build initiatives by persona.
  • Determine the impact on Brand Image across multiple touch points. Create a complete brand management program driven through experience management. Better monitor the consistency of the brand positioning across all customer interaction points.
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